Saturday , August 13 2022

Prostate cancer month: The public is invited to active activities.


In November, activities were conducted to prevent prostate cancer in Lithuania as well as throughout Europe. This year, the three groups came together to raise common problems for men. The goal was to speak more aggressively about men's problems and involve as many citizens as possible in active prostate cancer treatment activities. One of the most important is the last November event for men as well as for men.

Prostate cancer in Europe is diagnosed today with 450,000 people. Men In Lithuania, the number of symptoms diagnosed with prostate cancer is up to 500. It is recommended that men perform a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test as early-stage clustering does not have clear symptoms.

Pauls Rakštys, the director of the Prostate Cancer Therapy Society, believes that since young people are getting more and more diagnosed with prostate cancer, they should be concerned about health as well as the elderly.

"This disease had to be checked at age 50. Nowadays prostate cancer research has to last for more than 40 years, especially for people who have family members with cancer," says P. Rakštys.

Every November, a variety of activities are being organized to urge people to take their PSA tests and take care of their loved ones without loudly speaking and fearing prostate cancer.

This year, the Bearded November and three American fugitives joined forces to raise awareness of prostate cancer prevention this year.

The latter has held the bearded November event for the fourth year in a row over the years, starting with a friend race and growing into an annual tradition involving over one hundred participants.

"In March I thought it was a good time to spend the last Sunday of the month raising rabbits and mustaches because all the marathons were over and the people's movements were diminishing. And spend an hour, "says Modest Bacys, Usa Running's organizer.

Interest in this event is increasing every year. This year's path is being prepared on 25 November at the Botanical Garden of Vilnius University. It is expected to attract more than 500 participants. The business is sponsored by pharmaceutical companies Ipsen and Sanofi.

As well as men, women and children are invited to participate in the "Ufa Running" event. "We are waiting for all those who can tell relatives about the message of prostate cancer prevention," said Bacys. "Women and children can eventually urge families to do research."

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