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November 11 in Lithuania and the world


The celestial body: the sun flows in 7.39 hours and flows to 16.26. The length of the day is 8.47 hours.

The moon (crescent) will fly 11.31 hours, 19.12 hours.

birthday :

Anastasia, Martinez, Art, Milvidas, Biggitas

date :

St Martins, last fall vacation

1885 – Press worker, critic, Lithuanian main player Stasys Šilingas was born. Death in 1962

Born in 1864, a French writer, detective novelist, author of Morris Leblano. Death in 1941

Meillet, a French linguist born in 1866. He studied Indo-European. Visit to Lithuania and contact with K. Būga. Death in 1936

1918 – For the first time in Bilnius, I swam three colors in the house of the Council of Lithuania.

1921 – Constiment Seimas of Lithuania adopted a resolution to link the Klaipėda region to Lithuania.

Born in 1950 as a linguist, Dr. Kazimieras Garšva in Humanities.

1951 – Seimas Member of the Lithuanian Republic, who was President of Seimas Viktoras Muntianas, was born in Marijampolė.

During the 2006-72 season, the famous Lithuanian painter Igor Ipkur was killed. I.Piekurs has been actively involved in exhibitions for more than 40 years as a master of portraits, scenery and theme painting. The artist's works are repeatedly evaluated through various awards and exhibited at Lithuanian and foreign art museums.

2006 – Composer, conductor, accordionist and educator Mikas Vaitkevičius died in two car crashes in Vilnius.

2007 – Composer, Leonas Povilaitis, died after a serious heart surgery. L.Povilaitis has produced about 500 songs, musical dramatic theater performances, and movie films. L.Povilaitis who read the piano very much wrote about this instrument. An important part of the composer's work was music for children and young people. He composed songs, comedies, songs, and folk song themes.

2011 – A new commemorative plaque by composer, teacher, performer and organist Jonas Bielionis was unveiled at Kaunas Old Town on Kurpių Street.

Archbishop metropolitan Sigitas Tamkevičius was awarded the Santakos 1st Grade Medal of Honor for his contributions to Kaunas and Lithuania.

November 11 World History:

1500 – Louis XII of France and King Ferdinand of Aragon signed a secret agreement in the Italian division.

1606 – Turkey and Austria signed a peace treaty.

1821 – Russian writer Fiodor Dostoyevsky (Fedor Dostoyevsky) was born in Moscow.

1837 – St. The first passenger railway linking the sites of Petersburg and Carsko Selo began operating in Russia.

1880 – In Melbourne (Australia), the death sentence was executed by well-known battle killer Ned Kelly (Nedai Kelius).

1889 – Washington became the 42nd state of the United States.

1918 – After World War I, more than 10 million people died.

1918 – Joseph Pilsudski declared Poland Independence Day, Polish Independence Day.

1922 – American writer Kurt Vonegut was born.

1951 – Juan Peron (Juan Perón) was elected to Argentina for his second term.

1952 – The world's first video player in public.

1971 – The US Senate ratifies a treaty to return Okinawa to Japan.

1973 – Egypt and Israel cease hostilities.

1975 – Angola became an independent nation.

1987 – Boris Yeltsin, criticizing the slow-moving reform, was removed from the Communist Party leadership in Moscow.

1987 – Vincent Van Gogh (Vincent Van Gogh painting) Irisai earned $ 53.9 million from New York.

1992 – The Church of England has decided that a woman can be a priest.

1994 – $ 38 million at a New York auction. Leonardo da Vinci's 72-page science chart and notebook sold for $ 72.

1998 – UN Army Staff Inspectors withdraw Iraq from Bahrain

2004 – The founder and leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization Al Fatah died in Yasir Arafat. Born in 1929

In 2010, French President Nicolas Sarkozy tested the newly elected Presidential candidate A330 at the G20 summit in Seoul.

2014 – The world's most expensive and complex Golden Patek Philippe watch was purchased for $ 17.1 million at a Swiss auction house. EUR.

World November 11:

1925 – English-born Hollywood film director John Gillermin was born in King Kong.

Born in 1962, Hollywood actress Demi Moore (Demi Moore).

1964 – Calista Flockhart (Kalista Flokhart) was born in Ally McBeal.

1970 – Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan) announces his Tarantara Tarantula book.

1974 – Actor Leonardo Dicaprio (Leonardo Dikaprio) was born.

1976 – Rock band Kiss announces Rock and Roll Over.

1999 – In her home in Los Angeles, a 38 year old Mary Kay Bergman celebrating Disney's animation film Snow Maiden, "The Beauty and Monster" and "South Park" was discovered.

2006 – Rolling Stones' parents, Mick Jagger (Miko Jager), died at the age of 93 in England.

2009 – Legendary American boxer, former heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson (Mike Tyson), was arrested for shooting with a photographer at the Los Angeles International Airport.

2010 – At the age of 91, Italian filmmaker Dino de Laurentitis died in Los Angeles. He has contributed to creating great movies, including films made by Federico Fellini and Federico Felini.

American singer Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson) has contacted new life friend Eric Johnson (Erik Johnson).

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