Thursday , August 11 2022

"Neptune" is a test of Greek basketball


The Greek team, which started the strong season in the D team, won four of the first four games and found one of the top priorities in Strasbourg 's SIG at the end of the match in five matches.

Coach Kazys Maksvytis said on the website "The Greeks are somewhat unexpected about our group – but the team has a good game in the Champions League and in the region. There is a winner in the game. The Patriots have made their debut in the international arena, but there are many experienced players and excellent coaches. "

The 47-year-old M. Giatras is a living legend of Patras. In 2013, this professional became the club's sports director and chief coach, winning the Promitheas and fourth year in a year. One year later, he was third in terms of competency in the Greek championships.

So Giatras led the club to the highest level of the Greek league, and last year they made it to the semi-finals with the team to secure entry into the Champions League.

The Promitheas retained most of the previous season 's players but are filled with powerful new players. Their main Ron Brown is 27 years old.

Americans reported that Joensuu Kataja from Finland in the Champions League in the 2016-17 season was the second-best basketball player (average 17.9 points) among basketball players.

Brown this season earned an average of 16.4 points (50%), scored 4.4 points, earned two runs, and gained 17.2 points.

Neptune's K. Maksvytis coach emphasizes the Promitheas leader.

"We have to stop the shocking and excellent meter, R. Brown," the port expert said. – In the case of the team, the crew, especially the defenders, give a very good ride, so it is important to emphasize the rivals' quick attack, but it is not inconvenient that the defensive is good. "

© DELFI / Rafael Achmedov

The team also has losses – they do not run 5.8 points and defender Langston Halls defends 3.8.

Promataus midfielder Octavius ​​Ellis, who missed his last game, is also suspicious. The center will run average for almost 14 minutes, returning 7.3 points and returning to 3.5 points.

"There are a lot of facts that the Patriot team is showing a beautiful and brightly beautiful basketball and the Promitheas have been overcome by Jonas Mačiulis, who was represented by Athens AEK last week." – K. Maksvytis praised rivals.

"Neptune" gave Kyle Weaver a weekend break recently wounded in the ankle. However, the striker will be ready to play just like the Port City team basketball players.

The Klaipeda team will try to win the tradition and try to defend the home fortress, which has not yet finished the Champions League season. In the case of victory, Neptune will take the third place of the Greeks.

Coach K. Maxvytis does not support more fans who have helped the team before.

"I am a little uncomfortable because the team is running very well in public," the expert said. – Your opponent does not get worse, but your attendance has decreased a little. The crowd might be tired of basketball because Klaipeda was always a playful "Švyturys" arena. We hope that viewers will visit more, and enjoy a much more fun pool room. "

The start of the match at the "Švyturys" stadium is 19 hours.

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