Wednesday , March 29 2023

Nemunas Island – Space Illumination Installation


The City of Waldorf has donated bright pictures to the school community that has moved into more indoor space for the twelfth consecutive year. On Friday night, a light installation began on the east side of Nemunas Island.

The location has changed due to the reconstruction of Aleksotas Hill, the art teacher of the event organizer Kaunas Waldorf School Jurgita Žebrauskienė. "If we want to continue to make a picture of the light, we have to do it on the coast, but there is a very strong wind blowing in. We've tried a few times so we started looking for a new space," the teacher said.

The new place dictated a new expression of holiday – the design was made of a wooden stand decorated with lights by the children. "We try to make as few projects as possible for the adults, the kids did everything themselves, and through technical lessons they created the design and developed the lamp during the art lessons," said J. Žebrauskienė.

We try to make as few projects as possible for adults. The children did everything themselves.

The school community celebrates its annual Lantern Festival, but in 2005 it planned to include Kaunas residents who could enjoy light painting on the Aleksotas slope. During these years the temple shone on the mountain. Jurgis, butterfly, snake, sun, Vytis, winch, angel, fire eyes. Last year, this picture was made to commemorate the year of the embankment.

"The islands are pretty closed, maybe you can see the installation at the Aleksotas Bridge, but the aim of this year's vacation in the indoor space is to make each other comfortable," said J. Žebrauskienė.

In light, the school community drank tea with cookies, played drums, and burned dancing.

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