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NASA's Insight problem was at Marseille


Posted: 2018-11-27 07:27

On Monday, Marshall went for a half hour in Marseille and sent pictures there.

NASA and space family from around the world are looking and going.

It was a tumultuous success of landing on the Red Planet and the first to meet,

During the flying of a 7-minute probe at pps with a speed of 20,000 km / h, its ruling shield changed to 1.500 degrees Celsius. The flight went all the way, because NASA checks in Pasadena have only 8 minutes to send a signal.

An unexpected moment at the time, the head of the project, Thomas Hoffman, was announced by the head of the project after a press conference. He saw that he had stopped for seven minutes and whether it was healthy.

The problem, which costs more than 874.7 million. Eur deals with geological surveys. It includes the installation of French seismometers and a German windmill, which has a depth of 5 m. Scientists want to get as much information as possible about Mars sandstone.

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