Thursday , August 11 2022

NASA has identified seven missions of an asteroid on an unprecedented space.


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Three years later, in October 2021, Lucy will investigate for Jupiter, and Jupiter will visit seven asteroids during his mission.

Last week, NASA confirmed that the mission would be carried out, budgeted, and scheduled for launch.

Such missions are unprecedented. Until now, the only dawn visited many places around the sun, not the planets. New Horizon will soon join, but up to seven things are still far away for other missions.

Lucy's goal is one asteroid in the main ring between Mars and Jupiter, four asteroids on one side of Jupiter, and two asteroids on the other. These bodies, known as Jupiter's asteroid-horsemen (or more precisely Trojanus and Greece), have more than a sixth of the earth's orbit in Jupiter's orbit. They are kept there by Jupiter and the normal gravity of the sun.

This mission was named after a famous fossil of Australian architecture found in Ethiopia in 1974. Likewise, Lucy's exploration helps to understand the process of planetary formation in the solar system, as Lucy's fossils have helped to understand the evolution of mankind.

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