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More than 60 athletes are nominated for prestigious LTeam Awards


The Lithuanian National Olympic Committee has known the names of athletes who have been proved to be the best Lithuanian athlete in 2018. The LTU's prestigious & # 39; LTeam Awards – the names of & # 39; The best-known athlete this year – played by disco sons Andrius Gudžius, swimmers Rūta Meilutytė, Canon singer Artūras Sejas, cyclist Simonas Krupeckaite, basketball player Domantas Sabonis.

Ninth LTEAM Awards 2018 nominations – more than 60 candidates for personal or corporate, 20 sports clubs. Only 41 nominees are the "Most Popular" athlete in the category. In other nominations, from 3 to 7 athletes, teams or coaches competing for the best name.

The winners "LTeam Awards" will receive special prizes for the best athlete and athlete, men and women, trainer and coach, winners of the period and the most popular athlete in Lithuania.

The winners of LTeam Awards are selected by the delegates of # the Lithuanian National Olympic Committee, the Lithuanian Sportsympathy of the Federation, the Lithuanian Sports Federation, the National Athletic Association and the Lithuanian Coach Federation and authorized representatives. Her decree will be 70 percent of the final result. To vote for 30 percent of the decision for the public.

True, the winner of the nominee "Popular Athlete" will only be by the voice of # 39; the nation is determined, d. the public vote. More about the project and the vote – You can vote for any nominated favorite on a daily basis. The vote will take place on December 15.

The best LTEAM prizes are announced on December 20 at the festival events at the Compensa concert hall in Vilnius.

Nominees and candidates (in brackets of this year:

Atlete for the year

Artūras Seja (Vice-Champion of single-kayaking drives in distance of 200 meters)

Andrius Gudžius (European Champion of # Discussion)

Mindaugas Griškonis (winner of the World Rowing Championship Bronze Medal)

Žygimantas Stanulis (winner of the European Bronze Medal of the European Athletes Championship)

Danas Rapšys (200m Freestyle Swimming Champion in 25m Pool, Champion – 200m Freestyle 50m Pool)

Anniversary festival

Simona Krupeckaitė (winner of the World Championships bronze medal in keyrings)

Rūta Meilutytė (Vice Champion of 100 meters Championship of the European Swimming Championship)

Liveta Jasiūnaitė (winner of the European Championship Bronze Medal)

Men's team of the year

Roaring four-seater: Aurimas Adomavičius, Rolandas Maschinskas, Saulius Ritter and Dovydas Nemeravičius (European Vice-Champions)

4×100 combined swimming handheld: Danas Rapšys, Andrius Šidlauskas, Deividas Margevičius, Simonas Bilis (fourth place in the European Championship, Lithuanian Records)

Two-seater kayaking: Andrei Olijnyk and Richard Nekrioshius (second place in distance of 500 meters from the World Championship)

Lithuanian ice hockey team (gold medals in Division I, in Division IA divisions)

Women's team of the year

Riding Double Twin: Milda Valčiukaitė and Ieva Adomavičiūtė (gold in the World Championship)

Beach volleyball: Monika Povilaitytė and Ieva Dumbauskaitė (golden medals at the European Snow Volleyball Championship)

Cycling sprint: Simona Krupeckaitė and Miglė Marozaitė (sixth place in the European Championship, silver in the fifth stage of the World Championship Championship in the team sprint)

Coach of the year

Vaclovas Kidykas (coach of the European champion A. Gajius)

Mykola Masilionis (coach of the World Rowing Championship and European Rowing Championship Champion)

Romualdas Petrukanecas (trainer of world and European Vice President A. Seja)

Dmitry Leopold (coach of the World Championship bronze medalist cyclist S. Krupeckaitė)

Coach of the year

Teresa Nekrošaitė (coach of the winner of the European Bronze Medal L. Jasiūnaitė)

Ina Paipelienė (European Champion Swimmer D. Rapšys coach)

Nijolė Vytė (coach of European Vice-Rider D. Nemeravičius)

Tatjana Krasauskienė (Coach A. Palšyte, the jumpers at # top of the European Championship)

Years break

Artūras Seja (Vice-Champion of single-kayaking drives in distance of 200 meters)

Agnė Šerkšnienė (author of seven Lithuanian crossings, 6th place in the European Athletics Championship)

Liveta Jasiūnaitė (winner of the European Championship Bronze Medal)

Tomas Kaukėnas (13th place at the Olympics in Pyongyang)

Agnė Šeleikaitė (winner of the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Buenos Aires at a distance of 50 meters to the distance)

Simas Bertašius (three times improved the 1500 meters of Lithuanian loyalty, 6th place in the European Athletics Championship)

Kotryna Teterevkova (winner of the silver and bronze medals at the Olympic Games in Buenos Aires at the distance of 100 and 200 meters in the bush)

Years of the most popular

Jonas Valanciunas, Domantas Sabonis, Donatas Motiejunas, Mantas Kalnietis, Chisinau and Dariuszas Lavrinovičiai, Mindaugas Kuzminskas, Ernestas Šetkus, Arvydas Novikovas, Fiodoras Černychas, Liveta Jasiūnaitė, Agnė Šerkšnienė, Rūta Meilutytė, Danas Rapšys, Andrius Šidlauskas, Giedrius Titelinas, Agnė Šeleikaitė, Kotryna Teterevkova, Ričardas Berankis, Aiden Malasinskas, Jonas Truchanovičius, Ramūnas Navardauskas, Žygimantas Stanulis, Brigita Virbalytė, Viktorija Andrulytė, Simona Krupeckaitė, Olivija Baleišytė, Dovydas Neverauskas, Mindaugas Griškonis, Saulius Ritter, Egidijus Kavaliauskas, Eimantas Stanionis, Milda Valčiukaitė, Justinas Kinderis , Laura Asdauskaite-Zadneprovskienė, Henrikas Žustautas, Arturas Sejas, Simona Krupeckaitė, Dainius Zubrus, Darius Kasparaitis, Tomas Kaukėnas, Irina Palšyte.

The winner of the most popular sports nomination is solely decided by the public's voices. To & # 39; s end of & # 39; The vote remains 41 out of 41 candidates for & # 39; the above list. They will continue to fight for the name of a favorite Lithuanian athlete.

Atlsen is included in nominations for merits between December 1, 2017 and December 1, 2018. Atlantic party holidays will be included in next year's prizes.

"LTEAM Awards" is an annual prestigious selection of best Lithuanian athletes. They are only nominated by representatives of 'Olympic sports'.

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