Tuesday , November 30 2021

Marius Repšys speaks clearly about depression: one day I letting the roof


"It started every 20 years ago when I was described as perfectionist, I was very active in sports, I was very active, I was very active, and it was all the cause of" disease, "Marius told beginning of & # 39; the bipolar radiation.

As a psychiatrist, as psychologist Jan Hilbig commentator, is bipolar accidentally seen in young people – as 18-20 years old. Characteristics of illness: moods and energy fluctuations, sublime states change with depressed episodes, or when mediocrity or apathy feels. The disease gradually develops. At that time, many changes have been found in the life of a young person, a maturity, a transition to adolescence, and so many things are written exactly on these factors, making it difficult to report the beginning of the disease . In most cases, bipolar radiation is diagnosed only if there are very many signs.

"If you are in high status, everything looks nice, mountains can be crossed, you are full of energy, but when the black season ends, you do not want to do everything absolutely, you do not want to live in. One day I finally got to The roof, it's bad for me, my friends, my friends, and then the doctors turned and found bipolar accident, "says the actor.

"In rule, the depressive state lasts longer than the high period. Increases prolonged periods if the illness is not treated If you upset, the depressive period may even change a couple of times in the month This will stimulate the human ", or the psychotherapist looks at the specifics of the disease.

Both Marius and the doctor note that the disease is treated well with medicines. And, unfortunately, unfortunately, the entire marriage can be a consequence, published in a press release.

"The illness is very bad. One of my students was suffering from a bipolar ribbon … He added success to a depressed period," M. Repsys think it hard.

After the illness itself was overwhelmed, his bug had been seen for others, now Marius speaks freely and openly. He thinks it is not a shame to talk about spiritual illness, it's the same illness as the other. The actor moved in his book "Dance with the Darkness" in his experiences. He believes that people who read are no longer needed.

"I am against treatment, I am against self-control, to avoid nothing, professional help," says Marius and lends you to your lover – perhaps they need your help.

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