Tuesday , January 31 2023

"Klaipėda bus fleet" opens for innovation


"With regard to air pollution, many European countries are trying to give up public transport with diesel engines in the next decade. Well-known manufacturers are looking for technology solutions in addition to hybrid and electric busses, and are looking for more efficient fuel alternatives," said KLAP Vaidas Ramanauskas, the director, said.

Scania and UAB SG dujos is a Scandinavian-based test company running the streets of Klaipeda, meeting the highest ecological requirements of the Euro 6 standard. This bus does not burn passengers, but simulations in actual situations are equipped with equipment for weight, driving mode and combustion process.

"This is an opportunity for our drivers and service technicians to" occupy "future technologies and learn about innovation, and we will strive to be the most environmentally friendly vehicle in our city and park development strategy. "V. Ramanauskas said.

KLAP is considered to be the most environmentally friendly transit company in the port city as well as throughout Lithuania. Klaipėda was the first to use an environmentally friendly and compressed natural gas bus for passenger transport in the city. More than half of the KLAP bus buses currently in the port city are being driven by this fuel. The renewal project, financed by the European Union (EU) next year, will purchase 17 new gas and two electric buses for the city's passenger transport.

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