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Kaunas beetroots are gardens by the wind



AB Wolf Engelman tells children's books of children's books. mills

AB Wolf Engelman produces bottles of aluminum lime products in Kaunas beer production, which is made by the production of wind.

In future plans, the company has planted a few small fleas of large beer bulbs for ampoules. Really new packaging should be available before the venting period.

The decision to install a special fill line is important in expanding the range of products, says Marius Horbaauskas, head of Wolf Engelman. The new package, we believe, would attract the windmill. As a supporting ampoulefollen we only plan to launch a sample of beer from Wolf Engelman's workshop, but we also have plans for producing soda wine.

According to the head of the company, the company gave its products and caterers, while the company's masterpiece in ' On the other hand, it was mostly seen in Belgium, where it is already poor that premium premium brewery non-standard tanks are. This is how the beer culture is used.

Currently Braver Wolf Engelman, who works in Lithuania, is the only one that has leaflets of ampoulefollen. The installed and running line per hour is filled with 1.500 liters of 0.75 liters. The line is designed to hold flakes with wooden trees, where the metal wire is placed in the same manner as a merge mat. After the fill, all products are pasteurized.

It is forecast that in future the market will fall at least 3 animal breeders with ampoules. This beer is specially designed for fishing season. They are made in small volumes at the Wolf Engelman Studio, a center for beer competition at the beginning of the year, where Braveras is investing more than 1 million. Eur.

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