Saturday , December 4 2021

Influenza and cold invasion in Siauliai Province – just like in the gingerbread season


The Siauliai deputy of the National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Social Affairs informs that the incidence of flu and cold symptoms in the province of Siauliai remains typical of the ordinary seafood season. There is a prevalence of cold and isolated cases of flu.

The highest incidence of cold in the city of Šiauliai
The data of last week (November 12-18) were the indicator of & # 39; The incidence of flu and cold in the Šiauliai region of 38.9 to 45.6 a. / 10 t / m. Life The highest incidence remains in Šiauliai, the smallest in Šiauliai district. Cold symptoms are mostly children.

Over the course of the week there were 1,203 residents of Šiauliai County of # 39; The cold, of which 720 were in Siauliai. The most influential children were 72.2%. of all ill. The adult population of Kelmė district was influenced by the flu. Sickness by the flu in Siauliai County hospitals was not.

According to Daiva Kulikauskienė, the chief specialist in the department of communication symptoms in Šiauliai, is the morbidity rate higher than last year. Compared to the same period last year, this year the incidence of colds is higher. In the same period last year, the incidence of influenza and cold diseases in the city of Šiauliai 40.0. / 10 t / m. of population was influenced by influenza by 7 people.

Vaccination is the effective prophylaxis for the flu
The Department NVSC Siauliai believes that vaccine is the most effective flu specific spacers.

After immunization with the vagina develops the immune system after 2 weeks, so it is recommended that the vaccine is before the start of epidemic influenza, so the body can develop a sufficiently strong immunity. In the long run, the grypepidemy in our country normally occurs in January and March, making it the best time to vaccinate.

Seasoned influenza vaccine is offered for all patients over 6 months older.

Old Goods and especially those in danger are: weak women, 65 years old. and for seniors, people with chronic diseases, people who learn in social care and nursing institutions and caregivers. People who are at risk are being replaced by the seasonal gypsum, and others have the opportunity to avoid at their own expense. Citizens wanting to be indexed should contact their GP.

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