Monday , January 24 2022

Hurricane-inspired Dan Rapšys breathed a sigh of relief and was left without a final at the Tokyo Games


Such a result did not allow the 26-year-old swimmer to expect a place in the final.

Among all participants, D. Rapšis took 13th place. He was 0.64 seconds away until the final.

The fastest was Henning Muhllletner from Germany, who won the fourth swim – 3 min. 43.67 sec.

D.Rapšys started swimming beautifully and after the first 50 meters he was 1.01 sec for the world record schedule. (25.28 sec.).

After 100 meters he sailed 0.99 sec. faster than the world record schedule (53.43 sec.), and the rivals followed surprisingly.

But it soon became clear that such tactics did not work because the forces were exhausted.

D. Rapšys lay halfway, and then just stopped and reached the finish line for the last.

The strongest swimmers participated in the fifth swim, so it was already clear that the final did not shine.

A total of 36 swimmers took part in this competition.

Eight finalists

1. Henning Bennett Muhlleitner (Germany) – 3: 43.67

2. Felixas Auboeckas (Austria) – 3: 43.91

Gabriele Detti (Italy) – 3: 44.67

4. Elijah Winningtonas (Australia) – 3: 45.20

Jack McLoughlin (Australia) – 3: 45.20

6 Kieran Smith (United States) – 3: 45.25

7. Jake’as Mitchellas (JAV) – 3: 45.38

8. Ahmedas Hafnaoui (Tunisia) – 3: 45.68

Although swimmers are accustomed to swimming in qualifying matches in the morning, and in the semi-finals and finals – evenings, in Tokyo the opposite will be true – it is adapted to television audiences all over the world.

On the eve of the competition, D.Rapšis coach Ina Paipelienė stated that the new league system is not favorable.

“Now you’ll have to swim to the maximum in the morning. When we found out that the Olympics were really going to take place, we tried to change all the programs: we’re already moving harder work in the morning. But it’s going to be challenging. It’s going to be very difficult. for Dan to swim in the morning, because how much competition we had, how much we try to work in the morning, it was still a big problem.We tried to treat it in all respects.It was a bit successful, but it will not be easy , “said the coach.

I.Paipelienė expects a better result from D.Rapšis not in the 400 m, but in the 200 m freestyle. Their selection takes place on Sunday.

Therefore, the coach even thought about giving up a longer distance: “I had such an idea, but there were not many matches. Those 400 meters, if he manages to place his forces well, should help himself to feel the rhythm of the competition. The last option and lead. If there were more leagues, it might be different, but we need that competition and stress, so we chose this option. In addition, its results are high at a distance of 400 meters, so you may not even know how things will be there. “

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