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how american visionaries open the sky for the business –

Extra expensive space tournament is always open, expand and cultivate new winners.

The most powerful, 27-motorized missile launches an orbital capsule that emits a red Tesla Roadster. With the expertise of David Bowie, "Life on Mars, Three Rocket Parties come back to the atmosphere of earth and enough, although not always succeed, in rural areas.

The start of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy beginning this February was a great space travel space that has long been dreaming.

For the benefit of the audience is probably the last proof of what the sector has to look for for a long time – the company has the balance of power in # 39; the room changed.

The first commercial launch of SpaceX's Falcon 9-rocket was launched in 2013. to one year In that year, the Russian rocket lancers were strongly governed in the education market. Yet, after a series of failed visits, explosives and public travelers, the militant Elon Musko got himself reached. Using technology, it has dozens of millions of launchers and has become an important player in commercial market.

The surface was, of course, not the former leader of Russia. If your predecessor the UTSR is the first state to take both the satellite and the person into space, the lifting of the storage wheel is not usable economically or geopolitically. The international situation by nationalism loses the prestige of Russia and within the country. It is meant that the decision of the president Vladimir Putin was appointed one of the more loyal politicians, then minister-president Dmitry Rogozin, was no coherence.

She had to openly accuse SpaceX to "dump" when they called her donations their herds. According to him, they compensate for the lowest price on the Pentagon's orders, which makes it easier for Russia to compete.

It may be that there is an increasingly public speaking about US technology in the future of D. Rogozin. For the past years, Roskos has had the advantage – Roskosmos has not only begun starting, but after the launch of the NASA Space Shuttle program in 2011, the only operator in “ “ “ “ “ ` to the International Space Station (TKS). The services are still used by everyone, including the US, but the situation can change very quickly. Competition for Russians will also be made by private American companies.

The SpaceX was designed to deliver its own "Dragon Dragon 2" capsule to people, and another known American airline company Boeing, the Starliner capsule. The first pilot "Crew Dragon 2" test is planned to complete 2019. The center of Starliner's first automatic flight to TKS should be in 2019. And in August of the same year, astronauts have already been in a capsule.

The competition for Russian engineers will be trying to create Blue Origin, the company's richest planet, Amazon leader Jeff Bezoso. She has already signed a contract with the United Launch Alliance responsible for starting. This company is Vulcan Centaur missile used by BE-4 motors, which are Blue Origin. It is considered to be true candidates for replacing American made Russian RD-180 engines, currently being used in the Atlas V-missile. In addition, the firm of Bezoso develops itself a new glenn-multiplier, the first stage in which, like Falcon 9, is invalid.

Spacecraft concepts were developed by another important US defense and Lockheed Martin company – it creates an Orion module that carries astronomy on a journey to the Earth's job, say, after the month.

And in Russian space industry – not the sweetest mood. In October of this year a Russian cosmonaut and an American astronaut were forced to shake off the time of # 39; to leave the TKS.

The answer to E. Musko's "Sakalui" is not yet visible. Russian missiles, which are said to be competing with SpaceX, are still in the test or construction. The missile project of Angara A5 is behind the plan, and it is much more expensive than proton reactors that should be replaced. It would not be possible to start this trading for earlier goals than 2024. Another hope of Russia – a tough rocket "Soyuz 5" – should not begin earlier than 2022.

Vidmantas Tomkas, the head of the Lithuanian Space Association, said that the United States has gained a lot of benefits in recent years. The "Soyuz" existing structures have never changed since their first launch. This might be a good thing, because statistics, Soyuz is one of the fraudulent missiles, but it is the realization of & # 39; the Soviet Union. And in the United States it is possible to say that the reaccess is rebuilt. I think they have taken a new, important step, as they have done with the Apollo program. They will now have the advantage to make no sooner moves in space, changes will change at least five or ten years, "said Tomkus.

Space 4.0

The new Cosmic Stage inspired by private companies is gaining profit only, but it has all been given the name – NewSpace or Cosmos 4.0. In the past decade the spatial industry of # 39 has emerged. The ideological incentives of 'cold war', which resulted in more pragmatism, but also strongly reduced budgets, and at the same time spacious space ambitions. And commercial clients were still dependent on missile-controlled American and Russian state-owned enterprises.

The surface was very recent. Silicone is considered symbolic as the battle of a new era, with the breakthroughs of IT companies at the beginning of the start of millennia to invest in space. The most prominent of them are of course formerly E. Musk and J. Bezosas, who founded their businesses in 2002 and 2000. Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft, who died this year, was one of the & # 39; the stones of Stratolaunch Systems, while another major Internet entrepreneur, Naveen Jain, developed a Moon Express project that makes it possible to use moon minerals.

The Silicon Valley, a place of # New Age Time, is home to # 39; the businessmen of IT companies began to invest in space at the beginning of a millenium

Similar dreams and the training of new powerful racquets are far the most spectacular part of space, but certainly not the most reasonable. The Satellytribbei represents in its report that in 2016, the spatial market worth 260 billion. Dollars Missile launches are just over 5%. Most of the rewards will make for # long-term activities – ground-based infrastructure and services such as satellites that collect and collect various data (see graph).

This area is not very exciting if the definitive result for the user is presented in numeric form, but it is especially important for everyday life. Besides traditional logistics, navigation and transport services, seat observations can, for example, predict a long term for caring for cotton, cotton and other cultures, to measure oil refinements and adapt to a variety of other activities.

The growing need for satellite technology also means another business – they must have freebies, data centers, control and control systems, transmitters, receivers, expand solar cells, and other details.

Both this area and the entire space economy will continue to wait without delay. 2017 According to experts from the US investment bank Morgan Stanley, the richer market is expected to reach around March 2040. will play 1.1 trillings. Dollars

V. Tomkus believes that the factor of recurring investments in space liabilities will also be increased. "No, no alderman would have to give the pens, which would say, someone would suspend the month. In the cold war, the expensive Apollo program was developed, but all said it was needed To get a strategic advantage, I think that the main aspect of commercial benefits is, and projects should also be economic sound, "said the conversation.

Domestic research is mainly carried out on the initiative of state and spatial agencies and will remain at their disposal. On the other hand, the results of space missions can open new opportunities for the emergence of various services.

Chess for young people

Today, space is no longer a game of big countries and is open to everyone. Luxembourg, for example, explores space exploration and is so famous by companies in the sectors, and New Zealand's RocketLab is also involved in the unlocking market with the Electron missile.

Companies such as nanoavionics, a company based in Lithuania, also try to experiment with the production of small satellites, productions of electronic and mechanical components of small satellite systems.

The marketing director of the company, Vaida Karaliūnaiteė, has shown that the satellite market is very clear for the new direction of the entire economy – rapper, cheaper and easier: "In the past, the satellites showed a few pairs. Hundreds or just pounds, which is a great difference, to run a lot in both production and operation, such satellites can start soon, and if there is a technical incident, it will be much less painful than For example, the loss of a large satellite, made for 5 years. "

Micro and nano-zones that are between 1 and 10 kg, are the largest stars on this market today. Some of the famous small satellites are CubeSat, easy to recognize of the shape of the cube. The edge of this cube satellite can only be 10 cm. In some situations, a small cluster of satellites may be much better than one large satellite. Let's say that OneWeb plans to launch a project in the coming year to launch a project and hundreds of smaller satellites in the ring start, causing fast internet connection even in & # 39; the outside of the earth ensures.

True, large satellites will not disappear as space changes slowly. In addition, small satellites are a place to improve – their photos are not yet the highest quality. On the other hand it is provided that such satellites increase with the need for the Internet (Things), so they can hang on a lower hill. And a large satellite, which is high after a few hundred kilometers, is expensive.

Despite the offensive benefits, the space trading system is still included in additional legal requirements. Nyanavionika has branches in the United States and in Vilnius, but the fact that it does not exist. Local trademarks are often sold. "For example, we could not provide any satellites to the military military or intelligence, but we have recently started working with a British company to have a local supplier to choose, but the European Space Agency (ESA) is working on the spatial to increase market and ordering companies as ours, "said V. Karaliūnaiteė.

Public programs can not learn to make the risk – if the spatial share of SpaceX would be closed, there would be a great scandal and many people were released.

In many sectors, private companies still need rich orders and help. Even the most prominent commercial leader in SpaceX, without the NASA investment and government elections, would not have succeeded in achieving success, said Agnė Šerpytytė, Senior Consultant at SpaceTec Partners, an international business of Brussels. "Public programs can not learn to risk – If ESA would miss both missiles and SpaceX, a great scandal would arise and many people have been released, but they can give companies the chance to work financially, at least if we have real infrastructure, Europe should invest in it if it wants to be in the future under the superconfits.When the EU creates an ecosystem, there may be fewer smaller businesses, this would be a big The benefit of being in the future, "said the speaker.

For example, she presented the space exploration exploration. Companies that have interested themselves have already been established, this area is now more in line with the idea and belief that once the industry will grow to a local business model. In order to have a serious breakdown, States need to have infrastructure. "An example may be a bigger space in a job or base on a month. Asteroid Mining is a great way to drain water, which is very useful in space, but while it's No spasm is where you can bring this water, the mining is not a practical idea. This is a problem with horse and egg, "said A. Šerpytytė.

Blue Origin (Photo by Scanpix)

Non-flying airlines

The new time opens doors for people who have no connection to space technology, but ask for extraordinary sensations. One of the exciting space areas – tourism space – has the best chance of becoming a fully-fledged commercial area.

So-called cosmic tourists are before. 2001 The US military Dennis Tito, who died for $ 20 million, was the first to be TKS. Dollar Later again six million people came to work. All flew in "Soyuz" capsule with real astronauts. The program was sent out to leave the United States Shuttle – to Russians the only seller of TKS, they had to deal with the increased demand.

The idea of ​​traveling back to tourists is coming back, but now the company behind its technical part. Two US companies see future tourism for suburban flights. One such company, billionaire Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic, was founded in 2004, flights are longer. It was planned that the first tourists could plug in 2009, but the project was limited by many obstacles, including in 2014. An incident involving one pilot died during the attempt to escape the space. Earlier this year Branson stated that the flight to space was "a matter of weeks, not months". True, when writing this article, no businessman with SpaceShipTwo has the ability to go into space for a estimated 250,000. There was no US dollar.

The Bezene Blue Origin also comes to new feelings. New Shepard launchers can fly six people, but if the first such flight takes place, it is not clear.

There are plans for further curbs. In September, Musk reported that SpaceX signed an agreement with Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa on a trip around the moon. It can not be earlier than 2023. The flying price remains.

If you go for a long time, you should have the vision of Robert Bigelow's hotel magnate, Bigelow Aerospace. 2017 He announced plans in October to 2022. Orbit to open a "space hotel". The BEAM called inflatable module, which was able to fit the type of activity, was successfully sued to the company with TKS astronauts in 2016. Positive results have led to the module used at least 2020. and will still perform a storage function.

If this Bigelow plan succeeds, it will be without difficulty the most sought-after direction of dreaming and opening a new space of tourism. Such tournaments can also affect the classification of luxurious hotels on & # 39; the earth – if it can rotate between a thousand, the "five stars" probably do not give a strong impression.

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