Friday , July 23 2021

Following the death of ex-husband Ala Pugacheva, the reasons for her divorce are being investigated: for what did singer Alexander Stefanovich feel grateful?

A. Stefanovičius and A. Pugačiova lived together for only four years. After the scandalous divorce, the former men cited several reasons for the termination of the relationship, reports For example, the director then claimed to be angry at the authorities, and the primadona simply did not want to support the loved one.

For his part, A. Pugacheva presented a completely different version. The singer stated that A. Stefanovičius was always unfaithful to her. Eventually, the pop star got tired of being cheated and asked for a divorce. After such a marriage, it seemed that A. Pugacheva would only react negatively to the ex-husband, but in an interview with Vremenno nedostupen she said what she was grateful for.

“My husband Stefanovich was a very literary man. He knew many things, recited poems from a collection of powerful poems. Some things were completely unknown to me. I am always attracted to people who can be spiritually enriched. On the other hand had “There are also some shortcomings. But I’m still grateful to him for introducing me to interesting artists. He introduced me to people I did not know myself in any way”, – said in 2011 the performer.

Of course, it is impossible to deny that A. Stefanovičius significantly contributed to the formation of the image of A. Pugacheva. As far as we knew, the director in her married life had complete control over the creative life of her lover and she explained to herself how and when to give an interview. He was the pseudonym of A. Pugacheva, Boris Gorbonos, who published her compositions.

“I wanted these songs to be judged objectively, so I used a nickname, like I did a composer who was unknown to anyone.” My second husband’s classmate constantly harassed him, and when he spoke of a nickname, Stefanovičius offered the name of that classmate to take revenge on him in some way. “revealed by the singer during the performance” Theme “.

While he was alive, A. Stefanovičius often recalled his ex-wife in an interview. The director once stated that he helped to popularize not only A. Pugacheva, but also another legend of the stage – Sofia Rotaru.

It will be recalled that the former husband of prima donna died on July 13th. after a long battle with coronavirus. The director, whose lungs were severely damaged by COVID-19, was hospitalized in early July, but the efforts of doctors were not enough to combat the infection.

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