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Five more members leave for free exercise.


The wind of change keeps on flying in the Kleipeda free movement. Earlier this week, Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas officially announced his retirement. Then Judita Simonavičiūtė deputy mayor, Arvydas Cesiulis council member, Vaida Žvikienė, Vidmantas Plečkaitis and former deputy director Elida Mantulova of the administration have done this task.

In current liberal behavior, members from the party see heart and populism. This was probably one of the main reasons to leave. Other free cities in the port city are the opposite.

Some people are trembling, others are left.

"I do not want to take part in that process because that part of the way has chosen a huge road, and it's a city where all the citizens of the city are waiting for an unprecedented decision." I did not rule out the possibility of applying to the Vytautas Grubliausk Election Commission, where the Klaipeda people are in charge of decent responsibilities. I will also choose this route. "V. Žvikienė, a member of parliament, said" West Express ".

Solution The decision to withdraw from the Klaipeda Liberals was also adopted by board member Vaida Žvikienė. It does not rule out the possibility of applying to the Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas election committee. Private archive photo

Last Friday, Elida Mantulova, deputy director of the Klaipėda local administration, which had not yet resolved the future, was asked to be removed from the free movement.

"I think Vytautas Grubliauskas is one of the strongest candidates for the market." The decision has been made for quite some time. My opinion is liberal, and liberals do not keep their values ​​in the way of populism. In addition to the Klaipėda department, you may have been affected by the election competition. "E Mantulova, the principal of the University of Klaipėda, was considering it.

The support for the mayor V. Grubliauskas was expressed by Arturas Šulcas, but he did not mind leaving the liberal class of Klaipeda unlike many others.

"I do not change felony." The whole faction supported Vytautas Grubliauskas as a market, and I keep thinking that he is the most appropriate candidate from existing candidates: "Will the party democratically digest it? "A. Schultz

The vice-president's speech surprised Seimas members who were nominated by the Klaipėda liberal to the mayor of Simonas Gentvilas. He asked if the vice mayor was actually a liberal.

"Everyone has a right to their own views, but it's strange if you are left behind and are going to vote for a candidate for another party, so I personally have an opinion on Artūras Šulca, I will.

Artūras Šulcas recently spoke about anti-progressive topics that blamed the business and insulted him. Sometimes the person seems to be actually in the party. The city's market is historically not the most progressive city in Lithuania. "S. Gentvilas taught his position.

New things will be replaced.

Saulius Budinas, managing director of the Klaipėda municipality, did not see a problem with his colleagues' willingness to leave the port city's liberals. He was convinced that there were many members in the unit.

"People are choosing their way, and they are there. I want everyone to remain liberal in their lives." The withdrawal of the six people is not a blow "- S. Budin briefly describes the situation Commented.

S. Gentvilas was convinced that the Kleepeda Freedom Movement would be supplemented by 5-6 people. On Monday, Neringa Poškutė, chairman of the Lithuanian Artists' Association Klaipeda Department, was presented with a new candidate.

Unfortunately, some progressive advocates of the progressive camp decided not to support the young people and their prospects but to continue to improve themselves at their own choosing. "The new face will not be next. We will introduce one of the ESC rights next week." – You can rest assured. S. Gentville.

Holding a meeting

A Kleipeda liberal who dreams of change met on Monday in his presence with S. Gentvilas. According to him, the member states must define what they agreed to and why.

One such problem is the concept of a city's general plan that must be decided at today's congressional meeting. However, for one reason or another, today's Board of Directors will have no decision, so the matter will be postponed again and discussed at the board on November 29-30.

Seimas S. Gentvilas members did not hide that the disagreement over the matter was hidden from the liberals of Klaipeda.

"The disagreement began much earlier, the desire to survive what we planned, the progressives do not change direction, they will work together, we asked the general plan of Klaipeda, (Klaipeda) is a camp that supports rapid acceptance, and other camps want discussion ", – said S. Gentvilas.

According to V. Žvikienė, a member of Kleppeda, Gentvilas had to cancel the investigation of the Klaipėda mark that failed the scandal without changing the concept of the Klaipėda General Plan. I raised the conditions.

"These two conditions of Simon were not supported, and we kept the position that we should be in one faction overall," V. Vivigni said.

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