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Edvinas Šeškus, who shone in the NKL final, revealed: “There were thoughts that I would go down after this season and finish my career” / News

Photo: D.Lukšta

Photo D.Lukšta

Edvinas Šeškus drowned the Telšiai team with exactly three-point NKL-VIKINGLOTT championship final, and after the last siren sounded, he immersed his father in the champagne splashes of Virginia.

It was not the first time the father and son enjoyed the trophy. At the age of 14 Edvinas triumphed with Prienai “Rūdupis” NKL and at that time Virginijus Šeškus was also behind the helm of the team.

According to E. Šeškaus, the trophy won on Saturday is dedicated to father.

“In his time he helped me, and today I help him,” said Chief Ferret’s descendant emotionally. – It also played a lot that I came to Jonava this season because I wanted to thank my father for his whole career – he helped me a lot. That thing was important and I’m unrealistically happy for Dad. “

Jonava’s CBet, who dominated the entire season, won the NKL trophies, and the 26-year-old defender was named MVP of the last four. The defender, who scored 8 points in the semifinals, fouled in the deciding game and scored 26 points (4/5 doubles, 6/7 steps.) In 29.5 minutes, rebounded 4 and took over 3 balls. , made 2 assists, made 2 mistakes and scored 31 nut scores.

In the last match Šeškus attacked almost without mistakes and scored 6 three-pointers out of 7. This result surprised many, because in the regular season Prieniškis only realized 6 long throws out of 36.

According to the 196 cm defender, the hands separated in the final.

“It just came to our senses then. When I came to Jonava, I got in a bit of shape and I’m very happy to have discovered my good form in the last four. I can not say that it is high. , but the recovery is felt “, – Šeškus was pleased with the return form.

The question is, why is it only in the last game of the season that there is talk of the emergence of a player’s sporting form? The ferrets began to suffer injuries this season, later failed to establish themselves in the Israeli chain of Jerusalem Hapoel, and the returning defender became ill with the coronavirus and did not return to the field until late January.

According to Šeškaus, this period is the blackest in his life.

“This season has been very difficult: many sleepless nights and thinking about what I will do. There were thoughts that I would go all out after this season and end my career, – the NKL champion shared his experiences. – I thought to myself what kind of job I would do if I could not play basketball. All injuries and the coronavirus are psychologically overwhelmed, but I focused, we won and today I am happy with the last four MVP awards and a gold medal on my neck. ”

He told Šeškus on the “BasketNews.lt” website about the pressure of people, the need for Jonava club to win NKL, the title for his father Virginia, recovery from injuries and a pit in his career, and revealed which team he wants to spend the next 3 years with.

– You became the NKL champion. What emotions?
– Unreal. The last time I won the NKL Championship was in 2009, also with my dad. Today we became champions again with Virgis. I can not be happier and I repeat that unrealistic.

– You started celebrating in the fourth quarter. How did you feel when you realized that the cup is yours today?
– I was personally tense, because when I came to Jonava, I felt extra pressure. I just fell under tension and that feeling was: peace and joy.

– You’re talking about extra pressure. How was he?
– Many people were skeptical that I went to the National Basketball League and joined Jonava, but I’m like that: I like to make non-traditional decisions. I had a bid from the French Premier League for the play-offs, but decided to stay here. It can be said that I took a risk, but I wanted to win NKL and go with Jonava to LKL.

– You were favorites to win NKL. How much pressure did you feel?
– There was pressure, especially in the semi-final match with Marijampolė’s “Sūduva-Mantinga”. Everything was visible in our faces, but it was good that that tension had changed in concentration and energy at the pitch. Of course, everyone experienced in Jonava has played a lot in LKL. It’s good that we’ve shown our best basketball in the last four. Comparing what we played in the regular season, there were definitely a lot of matches we easily won, and in Jonava we showed all our strength, played all 100 percent and I am very happy about that.

– Father Virginijus took over the helm of the team last summer and led the Jonava team to the title and LKL for the first season. How happy are dads?
– It’s brutally fun, because there is no such coach in Lithuania who signs for such a thing to go back to the National Basketball League and try to win it. I don’t think most coaches would sign for that. I’m very proud of him, even though he sometimes goes, scares everyone, but there is no other coach like that.

Photo D.Lukšta

– Father helped take the first steps at the beginning of his career. How much fun is it to give him back today?
– In his time he helped me, and today I helped him. It also played a lot to join Jonava this season because I wanted to thank my dad for his entire career – he helped me a lot. This thing was important and I’m unrealistically happy for Dad.

– You became the MVP of the last four of the NKL. Did you expect such an assessment?
– No. I came to the final without expecting anything, it’s important for me to win, whether I score 4 points or 40 – it’s just important for me to win. My goal is to win with Jonava and go to LKL next year. I think Jonava grew up in the National Basketball League shirt the longest. Such a city, such an arena and so many people – long ago. I remember earlier that people love basketball and gather in sports school to support teams.

– What does this price mean to you?
– Really nothing too much. I played my game, and those critics – there have always been and will be in Lithuania, you will not close 3 million. I know who I am, I play my game, I know I can hit well and so on. Sure, friends pulled through the teeth because I had a 20 percent accuracy point this season, but that does not at all reflect what kind of player I am. I just got better today because the rivals before the final looked at my stats and probably said, “Let’s throw him away.” I just got better.

– You hit as many three-pointers today as you did all season. What made it possible to loosen the grid?
– I do not know, I just came, threw and everything fell. When I got to Jonava, I got in a bit of shape and I’m very happy to have discovered my good form in the last four. I can not say the highest, but feel the recovery.

– You had a lot of ups and downs during the season. You started without a team, later failed to establish a “Jerusalem” Hapoel and ended everything in Jonava. How did you manage to break it and repair it?
– Honestly, it’s brutally difficult because I had an injury a season ago and could not play. That factor also prevented me from considering offers from a few LKL teams, but I refused just because I was not healthy at the time. I had to return to Taiwan later, but it so happened that I just was not ready and could not drive. When the form began to improve, I received an offer from Israel, but I will admit that I was certainly not fully recovered and fully understood why I did not establish Hapoel in Jerusalem. When I returned from Israel I got coronavirus, fell out for 20 days and the form went all the way to the bottom again. Then I did a little sport with Jonava until I finally made the decision to participate.

This season has been very difficult: many sleepless nights and thinking about what I will do. There were thoughts that I would go all the way down after this season and end my career. I caught myself thinking what kind of job I would do if I could not play basketball. All the injuries and the coronavirus really took a psychological toll, but I straightened up, we won and are still happy today with the last four MVP awards and a gold medal on our necks. I still do not need the medal for the Jonava team to go to LKL, sign a 3 year contract and live and be able to live here.

– If CBet goes to LKL, will you stay true?
– I’m really staying. I also told the club president that I came up with one goal for Jonava to win the NKL and I immediately signed a long-term contract. We have an unreal arena, all the lockers are unreal: we have whirlpools, saunas, ice machines – in fact, all conditions are unreal.

– Jonava is full of talented basketball players this season who have played LKL for many years. How’s this team?
– I can say that it is interesting because we agree perfectly and we feel each other on the field. Of course, it’s very difficult, because during the season we played against teams like Mazeikiai “Eagles”, where you will not call it basketball – I can say right. You come to the match and you know you have won, then comes relaxation and the anger of someone. You know, if you have Laimonas Kisieliai, Tomas Delininkaitis, Darius Tarvydas, Gediminas Žalalis, Aurimas Urbonas in the team who have seen a lot of LKL fights, it can not be otherwise. The atmosphere in the dressing room and playground is great. Sure, there were anger and falcons for everyone, but most importantly, those minimal conflicts did not turn into something serious, and we just resolved everything with each other.

Photo D.Lukšta

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