Thursday , June 1 2023

Domantas Sabonis recorded numbers he had not seen at the Pacers Club since 1992.


According to, D.Saboni has scored the 15th goal in benchmarking since 1992 and became Pacers' first player who has made more than five successful transfers.

D. Saponis scored 9 points (4/7 dwt., 1/1 bc.), Scored 16 balls, made six qualifying passes, threw one ball, blocked one throw, And four layoffs.

Most of the game was played on the Indianapolis team without a problem Victor Oladpo on the right track.

After Darren Colrison's three points, he ran two minutes and 39 seconds. In the third quarter ahead of the Pacers 68-67, the Hawks were no longer in the game.

Bojan Bogdanovich, who scored 22 points in the Pacers, got 12 points for Aaron Holiday and D. Callison.

This was Indianapolis basketball's second win on Friday night and they hit Miami in 99:91.

Pacers: B.Bogdanovich 22, D.Collison and A.Holiday are 12, T.Young (7 years ago), T. Evans is 11, M.Turner 10 (11 years ago), D.Sabonis 9 16 rebounds, 6 rev).

Hawks: J.Lines 16, K.Bazemore 13, J. Collins and D.Dedmon (7 ret.) 12 after.

video : Pacers-Hawks

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