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Do not go abroad: the banks call an important detail


The decision Bank Bank SEB has made next year to deliver customers for free cash transfer from ATMs worldwide, a spokesperson for the finite starter revolution, calls the word a word. A normal in Commercial Banking in Lithuania is gradually refusing to pay an auto tax, but the fact that the currency conversation is needed is permanent. The representatives of banks, however, indicate that the customers are well informed about the extra costs.

Never Everyone

"From now on, if a chance is needed, clients can enjoy their free use of money by taking money from all ATMs, which will come in February 8 after the year," said Vaidas Žagonis, Director of Retail Banking Services of & # 39; The Bank, in a press release from SEB.

Bank representatives say that the amount of money in the outside without extra cost may depend on the client's plan. In other words, this amount can range from 100 to 1000 euros per month. SEB warned, however, that some foreign banks, in some cases, can apply their extra costs for transactions found on their vehicles.

True, the last SEB solution is not a complete innovation in the Lithuanian banking market.

Erika Brazaitytė, Communications Engineer of Šiaulių Bankas, is located at, that clients of this bank can be paid on all banks of Lithuania and the world if they have planned one of the banking services – Traditional, Maximum or Youth – This plan is connected with a payment card.

"The maximum amount of free redemption changes depending on the chosen plan," E. Brazaitytė confess.

Citadele Banka also offers world renowned for free cardholders for free allowances. According to Rasos Petruškevičiūtė, head of the Bank's Corporate Communications Division, depending on the map, the maximum amount of free world allowance can earn 5,000 euros worldwide.

No, Giedrė Bielskytė, Luminor's communications manager, said that in future future the SEB will not go to the foot.

"Now our clients can earn a lot of money on all Luminor-ATMs in the Baltic States, the amount depends on a chosen catalog of services, and we constantly support the changing needs of Our customers and seek solutions to simplify services.

So we have different solutions, and also free representation in other foreign countries, but in close proximity, there are no special solutions, "said Bielskytė.

Swedbank spokesman Saulius Abraškevičius has also ensured that the bank decides on how to get free money from free money worldwide, assess customer behavior and need.

Check the default

The "Revolut" starts finech introduces free cash vessels from ATMs to the world as one of # trump cards. According to Andrius Bičeikos, the head of business development of & nbsp; The business, the banks have been giving another important fact as the last service was announced.

"Consumers should also say that the free future does not mean meaning. If a banker goes to the euro area, then this means that their conditions are the same as us, but for example, traveling to a non-euro area, a person will only Losing a tax burden and money is still losing money.

These are the announcements by banks on the free-range abroad the words of the game. Look here, you do not need to pay for ATMs, do not say that if you save money in the mileage that has your account, then the exchange conversation agreement will apply. No, revolution is not this tax, "said A. Bičeika.

According to a spokesperson for the Revolut, different banks use different currency conversions, but they respond often to 5%. Revolutionary customers, with a simple service, are currently world-wide at € 200 in & nbsp; & nbsp; a month.

It is great that representatives of SEB banka even say that the fact that a swap is being used, or when the transaction is executed outside the accountwith, they are not really hiding clients and inform them in a personal letter.

However, the exploitation of SEB Bank has not changed, as already, 2.65% in SEB banka, "said the media representative of the bank Ieva Dauguvietytė-Daskevičienė.

Currently, the controlling institution, the Bank of Lithuania, is monitoring the banks working in Lithuania and branches of foreign banks. The three largest banks registered in Lithuania are directly visited by the European Central Bank with experts from the Bank of Lithuania.

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