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D. The new hope of Amadaitis is the bold advocate of Žalgiris stealing from the eye.


The last attack in the first half.

Rokas Stipčevičius pushes the ball out of the stairs of Martyn Echod and pushes it into the basket. The center with the siren stops at the Siemens stadium.

The assistant of Dainius Adomaitis Šarūnas Ciparis gave Croatian five strong points. Rock Stipčevičius was so emotional – a solid person who appeared on the bench rest.

The oldest "Morning" basketball player saw too much succumbing to emotions with a successful attack.

R.Stypchevich, 32, plans another attack on the villagers and shows a bent neck. DJ Seeley plays two games against Martha Echodu, catching the ball, and two points in Lithuania are scattered among Lithuanians.

Croatia saw Dainius Adomaitė. The coach bowed. This means that the combination has been properly introduced.

Soon R.Stypecevičius explained something through friends of all teams.

When he first sat on the bench, the audience was shaken by a poor advocate. They liked the new "morning" attack leader.

Joshvydas Elinskas / 15 minutes Photo / Rokas Stipčevičius

Joshvydas Elinskas / 15 minutes Photo / Rokas Stipčevičius

After returning to parquet, the lowest "morning" basketball player grabbed the ball in the aftermath of the rainbow. It was moved to the hand of Arno Butkevicius and changed to 3 points.

When we attacked the second ball in the fourth quarter, R. Stixie Bayesius corrected the unnecessary pitch by throwing a fist with a grenade kicking Paul Colon.

In this sentiment he reminded Mark Popovich, a somewhat disturbing mage, of another small but very energetic crown of peace conquered by Zalgiris' grandson.

"Yes – he is like your brother." – "Morning" dressing room 24 seconds R.Stypčevičius and smiled.

Little Zadar fighter

Marc Poppovich (age 36) was born in Zadar, a town like Rock Stipchevich. Three kilometers were assigned to their homes. They even went to the same school and in basketball training they studied the same Balkan alphabet.

"A lot of people are comparing us, they did not hide R.Stypecevičius – we are similar but not the same, I will not say what his pluses and minuses are, but eventually I will go to Rock Stipchevich) and he is Mark Popovich.

It's me, it's me. I'm playing 100%. Sometimes I am tired of emotions. I am an emotional person, but I always control them. Popovich is exactly the same.

There are about 100,000 people in our city. People and about 55 thousand people. I want to be a basketball player. Because we are about 20,000 people. I want to be an actor among them. "

A.Korolov / Mark Popovich Photos

A.Korolov / Mark Popovich Photos

Mark welcomed me and said: "batI chose a good country and a good club. Play games because there are people who understand basketball in Lithuania. "

The energy of R. Stipčevičius was full of where he was.

He stepped on the palm of his teammates and urged them to continue during the pause during the match. Colleagues from Croatia 24 seconds R.Stypčevičius is a great co-club and united in the dressing room.

When DJ Seeley and Martyn Echodu have created an impressive "alleyway" a while ago, introduce your supporters to the wisdom of your hand, even while running for defense.

"Good job" – When R.Stypčevičius sat on the bench, he praised Aistis Pilauskas for his salvation.

Croatia soon leaned over and watched the progress of team mates. He immediately assumed an LED ad to go back to the square.

UNIKS Americans were cut off from the chain, and the Russians began to win. D. Armdom with a requesting staff member and a rider is not a participant but an observer at a critical moment, but D. Amdomaitis boldly lifted the guest from the bench.

After a trip from Zadar to Bilnius, Stypcévičius, who suffered from severe illness and antibiotics, was still a little late on the weekend but gradually recovered and gave the trainer a positive result for 24 minutes.

"He went very well to the team," Dainius Adomaitis recommended for R.Stypecevičius. He had to use antibiotics, but he did not complain. Stipčevičius has better control of the game. That makes us tactically better. "

Joshvydas Elinskas / 15 minutes Photo / DJ Seeley

Joshvydas Elinskas / 15 minutes Photo / DJ Seeley

Balkan basketball lesson

The strategist did not lose the player's will to win, but it was not enough.

R. Stipčevičius, at the close of the match, offered a quick three-point shot that did not deter UNIKS defeat.

After this unscheduled Croatian shot, many supporters stepped out and headed for the Siemens stadium pocket.

This was the fourth of three R.Stypchevich games tonight and I threw at least 10 days. More – "Morning" leaders Dominic Saturn and Dixie Shikley each threw 11 and 12 times.

Keliskart R.Stypčevičius threw a profitable cast or those who needed to know better about the "New Moon" novelist, but D. Amdomaitis did not blame the recruit.

"His aggressive progress was good, and we had to throw it and attack before defending it," said Amadateis.

The most important thing is to give something to the team. Perhaps it will be a point. Maybe something else, maybe someone will match the face. Of course, do not crush it. I just taught this to me.

"I am such a player. The Balkan region always has that kind of thinking.

From a small day we teach how important it is. Sometimes it is possible to hang on to the basket and sometimes win, but occasionally less often, but sometimes you run to the defense and try to scrape from behind. Sometimes it is possible to kill someone on the elbow, but the most important thing – to play for victory – R. Stephens Bisus did not listen. – The most important thing is to give something to the team. Perhaps it will be a point. Or maybe something else, maybe somebody will face up. Of course, do not crush it. I just taught this to me.

Maybe I could throw 10, but I do not mind. It is the most important victory for me. This is my way of life.

Sometimes I run for 40 minutes with a shotgun. Sometimes more often. I feel the game. And I feel what the team needs. "

R.Stypčevičius's European Cup "Morning" debut is shown as 11 points (2/6 dvit., 1/4 t, 4/5 baud.), 5 rebounds, 2 rebounds, 1 error, 8 usability.

When he was in the square, "Rytas" scored three more points than UNIKS. According to intelligent statistics, R. Stypčevičius greatly moved the attack that stalled without a major attacker, Chris Kramer.

But the most important figure of R.Stypchevich is completely different – 81:87 on the scoreboard.

video : See: Stage of Beautiful M.Echod, Beginners and E. McCollum Show, "Morning"

Take responsibility.

Croatia defeats enough personalization. In his eyes the player is responsible for the results of the game.

"The coach wanted to control and experience the game, I will have his right hand, the player has the greatest responsibility, everything is good, and when he loses, everyone looks at the player for the first time in the future, Justify it – 24 seconds He relieved R.Stypčevičius. – The coach prepares the game plan, but the player controls the squad's squad. It depends on the appearance of the entire crew.

I enjoy playing with such responsibility. Because she leads us forward in life. "

The "morning" European Cup in the D did not change on the 4th. However, R.Stypčevičius does not calculate the win or loss on the tournament table. The most important thing is how the team plays every night, and it has a lot of potential in Germany.

"It was a stubborn match, but we won them – Rokas Stipčevičius summarized the game against UNIKS – especially in defense, we did not respect the rules of coaching we agreed to.

There are small details that go from 6 to 7 points: whether it is meticus or whatever we have bonus Situation and if not – time must pass. I think that this little detail sometimes needs to be done better due to the details.

We have a great basketball player, a good teammate, and a great trainer system.

They are all great people. I want everyone to do their best to work and be in the team. It took days before they knew how to get 100 percent ready for the team.

We just have to act as a vending machine. This team can do a lot better if we do the details of what we can do.

Yes, basketball is an energy game, but adding high basketball IQ can be dangerous. We need a good combination of this and follow the rules of the coach.

These are meant to distinguish between upper and lower levels. "

Joshvydas Elinskas / 15 minutes Photo / Rokas Stipčevičius

Joshvydas Elinskas / 15 minutes Photo / Rokas Stipčevičius

Is R.Stypčevičius the answer to all the problems of Dainius Adomaitis and the "Morning" organization? no

But this is a glue that can reinforce the overall team puzzle that ties the team's holes and eventually puts "Morning" into it.

And the team's R.Stypcevicius style Balkan style can now emit the flame that Vilnius Club needs.

"It's always good to have people who can call it" glue. "The Lithuanian team should be Lithuanians, but it is better to have such foreigners," said D. Amudaitis at a press conference.

"I want to thank the supporters." Steve V. – Thank you, invite them to all other games. Believe me, when you arrive, you can see the overwhelming team.If you want to win. "He said.

season team League Min. satisfy % Treat%. To whom Furd Kl stab
2007-08 KK Zadar Eurocup 14.3 41.5 41.9 0.82 0.9 0.9 4.6
2008-09 KK Zadar Eurocup 35.5 48.2 43.8 2.3 4.2 2.9 12.6
2009-10 KK Zadar Eurocup 31.2 40 35.3 2.2 3.8 2 11.2
2010-11 * OpenJobMetis Varese Italy 28.1 41.5 37.3 2.5 3.2 1.7 9.3
2010-11 * KC Shibona Euro League 34.1 40.2 38.1 2.8 3.7 2.7 10.3
2011-12 OpenJobMetis Varese Italy 31.2 45 36.4 2.6 3.3 2.4 11.5
2012-13 * Consultinvest VL Pesaro Italy 32.5 42.7 38.8 3.1 2.7 2.6 16.3
2012-13 * EA7 Emporio Armani Milan Euro League 11 33.3 35 years old 1.2 0.8 0.6 3.1
2013-14 * Tofas South Carolina Turkey 23.6 44.2 39.4 2 2.4 0.8 8.5
2014-15 * Virtus Roma Eurocup 27.5 45 42.7 2.3 3.3 1.6 13.6
2015-16 * Banco di Sardegna Sassari Euro League 17.7 37.9 38.2 1.13 1.7 1.4 6.5
2016-17 * Banco di Sardegna Sassari FIBA CHL 25.4 44.4 40.7 1.5 3.9 1.9 12
2017-18 * Banco di Sardegna Sassari BCL 20.2 36.4 40.7 2.3 2.3 1.3 7.3

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