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Companies can already use support to increase energy efficiency and produce biomethane gas – Respublika.lt


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Electric poles. Photo by Elta

The fixed rate for saved electricity will increase from 9.7 to 57.22 Eur / MWh, for conserved thermal energy – from 5.56 to 21.47 Eur / MWh, for saved natural gas – from 4.49 to 17.77 Eur / MWh. In addition, the application procedure for support for energy efficiency has been simplified: greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting has been abolished.

The less the company receives support for biomethane gas production than biogas treatment plants, the higher the compensation: small businesses will be compensated as much as 65%. 55% for medium-sized companies and 45% for large. Agricultural managers will receive maximum compensation, regardless of their size.

According to the energy audit report, 2 million LTL has been allocated to companies that have implemented energy efficiency measures this year. EUR 15 million for companies that have invested in biomethane gas production and biogas treatment. euros.

On Monday, the Environmental Project Management Agency (APVA) made two calls for this support. Applications for funding for energy efficiency measures will be accepted until the available funds for subsidies are sufficient, but not later than 31 December, and support for the production of biomethane gas and / or biogas plants until 18 October.

A legal entity that carries out an economic activity and is an end user of energy can apply for compensation from 2021 onwards. January 1 and subsequently purchased new and installed lighting, heating systems as process equipment, implementing measures to improve energy efficiency identified in the energy audit report that contribute to energy efficiency.

The maximum amount of compensation per applicant is EUR 200,000.

The compensation is paid if the applicant’s minimum energy saving is 10 MWh / year.

Small, medium or large companies such as agricultural operators can receive a subsidy for a new biogas plant together with biogas treatment plants which can supply the purification of biomethane to natural gas networks, for use in the transport sector or for their own electricity / heat demand, as well as for newly built biogas plants. existing biogas plants whereby the purification of biomethane can be supplied to the natural gas networks or for use in the transport sector. The application can be submitted after signing cooperation agreements with partners on activities related to biomethane gas production

The maximum subsidy per applicant is EUR 4 million. euros.

Both measures encourage the introduction of innovative technologies that help to use energy more efficiently and allow manure, other raw materials to be processed into biomethane such as biogas, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions. They will help achieve the goal of the Climate Change Management Agenda to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Lithuania by 30% in the coming decades compared to 2005. Biogas production helps solve the problem of odors, a by-product of their production state can be used as fertilizer.

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