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Coconut is sugary and gives energy


Formerly, coconut oil is driven by genuine US weapons – this is called a superman and is elevated, shining and critique. Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, director of Cleveland's Center for Functional Medicine, says no dagbrekkolust oil.

"I use it every morning to protect the metabolism, to keep it clearer, to stay longer and straightforward," he writes in the book "Fat Diet" (publication "BALTO"). And there are scientifically based arguments about how this nutrition is beneficial for our body.

Similar to breast milk

According to him, coconut oil is cached by its high content of salty fats. They are probably not unheard of, causing damage to the heart and increase. In fact, everything is the opposite.

"Coconut is mainly consumed in Southern Pacific Ocean, with saturated fat getting its inhabitants up to 40% during calories rates, but it's great that heartbreak is the worst in the world," writes Mark Hyman . For about half pastry fat in cotton oil is rare, especially salmon sauce called lauric acid. In the body, lauric acid is converted to monolayer, one of the nutritional substances found in milk are the immune system of ## EQU1 ##; improved children. This is like a superfuel for your cells, metabolism, bone, and brain. This sugary is examined for anti-biological, antiviral and antibacterial properties. It can also improve sports performance. "

Eat calorie

Coconut oil contains very rare and useful salty fats – medium chains triglycerides (MCTs). In the body, they absorb the leak directly from the intestine, which makes it easy to carry on energy, and only a small part of them are used in & nbsp; the form of body fat deposited. M. Hyman desires the myth that the oil is completely healthy than a cotton. He presented in 2003 the results of a study published in Journal of Obesity Research.

In study following 24 overweight men have several diets for 28 days – one based on olive oil, others – coconut. This showed that when using coconut oil men not only fed (especially abtii), but felt less hunger and more energy. Comparable results were shown by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition at the University of Rochester Medical University. Researchers found that the use of MCT-enzymes was led by 12%. This will result in more calories consuming and more energy. On the way, in men, these processes will be gone – they lose 460 and women have so-called extra calories.

According to M. Hyman will cut the coconut oil, it has long been known and not likely. According to him, in 1940 some farmers hoping to fatten their cows, they soon gave extra coconut, but not only they extracted weight, but also seed. In addition, they became more energy.

Has antifungal properties

The researchers also found that coconut oil has a pronounced antifungal properties. Compared with standard herbal medicine Candida has been more coconut oil more effective. At this time women have made this discovery without any problems. When you try to find online tips on how to candide & # 39; s fungus can naturally treat with a whole, unreplicated disease – funnel dancing, often comes up with guidelines for applying vaginal access to the common coconut ool. There is no shortage of stories and how it really helps.

After investigating the health of 2,500 people in & nbsp; A Polynesian islands (they use a lot of coconut oil), they are fundamentally non-cardiologist, and dental cancer and cold problems. True, it is not certain that this product would be fueled only once …

Coconut is particularly good in the fact that it is more suitable for eating or other vegetable oils because the temperature of burning is very high – it can be lifted up to 200 degrees. True, due to its great smell and taste, it's not so sophisticated and is more suitable for Asian dishes. The author of the Fat Diet book seems often to eat the oils by eating in the mouth and using a teaspoon.

True, it warns that the first-rate, environmentally-friendly, cold-blooded, unreliable, non-deodorized and incredible coconut ool is better for health.

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