Saturday , December 4 2021

Chimki stratistics: one year more than Zalgiris has the level


"One year or more, when" Žalgiris "works the level, they played well with the visitors with the Moscow Cossacks and were close to the victory," said Chimki striker. – Game in & # 39; e & # 39; Grunwald Arena is always striking, I mean the atmosphere, the game and energy of # 39; The team will show the basketball players of their fans. We must be ready to play for 40 minutes. We will fight for this victory. "

Anthony Gill, one of Moscow's leaders, has no doubt that a good game is expected: "Žalgiris" is a great team that has hit us in the last year. Here's a great atmosphere and arena. We must be prepared for a great interlink and equivalent to the tempo they are trying to protect. I think we can win winners in this assault. "

In most Euroleague matches, the basketball players of Chimki (2-6) are only in & # 39; The last bad thing is not to waste money from foreigners.

Apart from the first match with Piraeus Olympiacos, where Greek teams were defeated by a smash (66:87), in other matches, Chimki's team played on one side with rivals.

The second time, the Russians 85:93 refused not to Istanbul from Fenerbahce, and especially to the next meeting with Istanbul's Anadolu Efes and Milan's AX Armani teams. House, with 2 points leading to Anadolu Efes, came to Turkey with a sirens – 84:85. The match ended in a comparable scenario for Milan, when Mike James was 3 minutes penalty he was 3 seconds – 80:81.

In the fifth round, the Moscow team eventually won the first win when 87:72 at home was home to Gran Canaria's Herbalife team. The sixth and seventh round meetings with the Spanish grandpa and father did not succeed – 80:87 Barcelona decided to Barcelona and 74:79 Barcelona Real Madrid.

Despite the beginning of the winnings and losses of # 39; A balance on the score 1-6, Chimki's trainer Georgios Bartzok's chair does not seem to hurt. The last week, Pedro Martinez and Neven Spahi, Vitoria Bascovia coaches (2-5) and Tel Aviv Maccabi (1-6) who have started the Euroleague season have also lost their jobs. Sustainability in Chimki's headquarters revealed the fact that the Moscow League team wins the WTB United League without leaving (8-0) and the Moscow CSKA (8-0) in the Championship.

This double Euroleague weekly newspaper "Chimki" started the match with Podgorica's Buducnost, which was dumped on Wednesday 85:69 and moved the next day to Lithuania. On the road, from # The first five of this season, Chimki, has already visited the "Žalgiris" Arena, the only one in Vilnius has arrived and has not charter flight in the Kaunas airport.

"This is the best European team, we must concentrate on ourselves, to catch and not forgive everything for free, nowadays we just do it in a cosmic rhythm." We do too much to accept that we do not, " sa sei Š. On & # 39; e released from & # 39; a match with Chimki. Jasikevičius.

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