Tuesday , January 31 2023

C. Anthony heard unexpected words. Your time with the Rockets will be over soon.


It is like. Carmelo Anthony Officially lost the star status of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Houston Rockets are likely to prepare to rescue the perpetrators.

The attacker was first asked to talk to his future team. According to the first report, the language between him and the team leader went smoothly, but the situation is different now.

In two close and independent situations, C. Anthony said, "Your short time, Hjustone, will soon be completed." The club denied this information and denied it, but all the signs are still in C. Anthony is showing off in favor.

The striker started the game for 30 minutes, 13.4 points (40% of the game, 32% of the three points), 5.4 rebounds and 0.5 points. The team is not satisfied with the result because only four of the 11 have won.

C. Anthony misses the nearest Rockets game despite the official reason being the striker's health. His team did not sign a contract as before. It would not be a big problem to be forgiven because the Rockets have carefully signed a $ 2.5 million contract.

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