Thursday , January 20 2022

Apple acknowledged: The new phone has only a flaw that can be fixed.


As Apple decided not to sell more iPhones, many people doubted that the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR suffered. Forbes noted that Apple might not expect any magical results, especially because Apple officially acknowledged serious problems with the latest model.

On the official website, Apple customers warned that the iPhone X phone could face touch screen problems because of components that do not work on the screen module.

According to Apple, this means "some of the screen or screen may not be sensitive or responsive to the flow of time, and even" the screen reacts to the touch when nothing is touched. "

According to the publication, the most interesting thing in this post was not even written and kept silent. This time Apple has avoided template phrases for "a small number of devices that might be affected."

& bdquo; Apple & ldquo; Acknowledged: New mobile phones only offer fixable fixes (Photo by SCANPIX)

Apple approved: New phone only has a fixed resolution error (Photo by SCANPIX)

The good news for users is that they can easily see this screen issue. Therefore, iPhone X can be safely carried by a person authorized to replace the display module for free. Forbes also says that if you have already promised to pay for these repairs, you can claim the appropriate compensation.

The manufacturer warns that the new Apple phone may be at extra cost even if the defective module is physically damaged (for example, broken glass).

According to Gordon Kelly, author of Gordon Kelly (Forbes), we are extending the history of a series of failed iPhone series that will not contribute to the growth of new phone sales. This is especially true for major telecommunications companies because they refused to support eSim technology installed on Apple's latest mobile phones.

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