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After receiving the results of the autopsy of Eugene Ostapenko, his mother – about the singer’s health problems: he drank drugs in bags, had a disability

“I do not have a death certificate for him yet, but the cause of death is the same as we have already reported – heart failure,” Ms Liubovė shared the latest information with Delphi.

When asked if E. Ostapenko had serious health problems before the disaster, the woman did not hide – there were many diseases, the artist also complained of heart disease.

“He had a lot of health problems. He was treated, taking medication prescribed by doctors on a daily basis. Eugene had at least 7 serious health problems, says Liubove, the mother of the deceased. – He was diagnosed with cancer, but had a successful operation 4 years ago, so the disease seemed to go away. But it was always observed. Also diabetes, persistent high blood pressure – many of those diseases. Diabetes also affects heart disease. “

The singer, who died unexpectedly last week, contracted diabetes five years ago, starting with major health problems.

“It just came to our minds then. And since diabetes, Eugene has recently become a big man, overweight,” the woman says. “He was reimbursed for the medication. His work capacity was only 30 percent.” Eugene had a second disability group. “

Eugene Ostapenko / Photo: Shutterstock, Delphi

Eugene Ostapenko / Photo: Shutterstock, Delphi

Delphi reminds her that in the last moments of her life the singer spent time with her mother, who agreed last Wednesday to share memories of her son and talked about a fateful moment when, unfortunately, no medicine could to help. During the course of the conversation, the conversation partner struggled to shed tears – the woman admitted that losing her mother to her children is the most painful thing that can happen.

“For a long time everything was fine with his health, he did not get sick … Everything happened suddenly. Worked. I watched TV with me, sat next to an armchair, went to the kitchen for a while to pick up milk with honey, and then went to my room. But then he came back, saying, “I’m sick, call the ambulance.” And that’s it. The ambulance did not know to come when everything was ready, “said the singer’s mother excitedly.

The woman has no complaints about medication – two ambulances arrived at the scene surprisingly quickly.

“It just came to our notice then. The Express arrived very quickly, two brigades, but could not help anyone anymore. The medics tried to revive him for an hour, but it did not help,” she said.

The interviewee did not hide the fact that despite the fact that Eugene had not recently complained about his health, there were many in his medical history.

“It just came to our minds then. But somehow still unexpected. She was only 44 years old,” the woman said.
Mother and son had a very strong connection, and lately Eugene has been living with her, always ready to help.

“We were very close. All of Lithuania knew this. I accompanied him everywhere, I did not miss any concerts,” she said.

The woman believes the heart was the cause of death, but an autopsy will be performed for accuracy.

“She will have an autopsy on Thursday. Probably a heart. I do not know what it may be anymore. But want to know what happened. We lost it in five minutes,” Delfi opened.

Ms. Liubovė has been happy with her son lately as she prepares a new program for her fans, and plans to return to the stage with fresh repertoire.

“He recorded new songs. Two have already started writing, I have no doubt they would be hits. He never left the stage and prepared a new program. He thought, after the quarantine he would record them, officially release them, he already had music and lyrics, ‘said the interviewer.

Last Friday, Klaipeda St. Anyone who wanted to express their condolences to the family of the deceased and remember the colorful life of the pop performer gathered in the great hall of Joseph’s Work Church.

Brought into the armory, remembering the moments of the colorful life of E. Ostapenko, the collected not only white flowers or wreaths to the coffin, but a symbolic bicycle was also built here. The hit of the artist of the same name was inseparable from the singer.

Even saying goodbye to the pop singer, the star of social networks and the soul of the parties, the audience does not forget his music. In the background played the hits of E. Ostapenko, known to old and young, and the artist’s first albums caused sentiments.

It was also possible to say “goodbye” to E. Ostapenko on Saturday.

True, the mood in the armor hall changed over the weekend – the music fell silent, sensual hymns were heard in Russian, wishing peace to those who went into eternal rest. Farewell to the singer, his craft was symbolically revered – along with the late coffin lay a gold microphone. Nearly a hundred people gathered in the armory, wearing protective face masks. Still half a hundred standing in the garden.

Delphi, who accompanied the singer, said his sudden death was shocking.

“Young, beautiful, entertain us all,” the women said at the ceremony.

The singer was later accompanied on his last trip. All those gathered honored the deceased with a sea of ​​flowers, applause. When they arrived at the cemetery, the family was able to say goodbye to their loved one again – this was their last “farewell”.

The Executor of Eternal Rest was located in Lėbartai, a village in the Klaipėda district. His tomb was decorated with white flowers and wreaths.

The family of E. Ostapenko is very grateful to everyone for their warm words and support, which is received not only from fans living in Lithuania, but also abroad.

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