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After divorce separated Hoda Alijeva – for the attention of men, feelings and the real cause of # 39; the injury of the family


Of course, a woman believes the decision to make a difference is not in hardship. They were looking for the first time that their family disappeared, thinking of four years ago, so they would learn all negative negative emotions and related experiences before the audience became.

"The heart can not come up, but it was really easier for me to understand four years of separation and what can happen." I've already had all the emotions. Of course, the divorce separates from different stages and it is difficult to understand what they are. There are many unexpected facts, "she said.

The honor recognizes that it's not easy to see how a relationship is over many years and no longer make the family do you. After the invitation of all painful experiences, G. Aliev was harnessed her heart and needed to find strength. She believes she has done everything to prevent divorce.

"Well, half years after the official divorce, I can speak calmly, not give up, and everything is good for me, I feel strong, I have children and my goal I go to the link I feel normal, well-educated and healthy woman First, it is difficult for a public attitude, life is so it can not be proven.

There is no difference in understanding or character of our lives. It would be hilarious if I said so. No It was a lot of problems and that punctuation was not loud or a month ago. It was not that I thought and separated. I tried everything and real and tried about the kids, but realized that it was not necessary to succeed, I had to save, retreat and release, "said the exporter in the" Red Carpet "show.

She thought it would not be great for the elderly, but also for the two children, to publish what ever went home and letters to advertise. "My children love their father, it's good and I have no barriers to seeing children is the most important thing in life, this is your joy and motivation to get involved.It is natural and mother's love is infinite. It (punctuation) Of course, will keep a track in her life, but if she sees a smooth father and mother, everything will be fine, "said Hoda.

Yet, they did not tell their fullest experiences, and they were helped by a solid character. Hero of the program said she was most satisfied with the fact that there is a strong woman who can keep her and her children. "I'm from those women who have a really strong and big ego. I'm glad I'm a woman in full get involved with her and her children. We do not give these children to the man, but for ourselves. I have to count and stand upWhat would be, if it were today, "if it were" would have happened.

I was the first child to be born and I was one of them mummy Mother and I did not know the concerts, but the kids. I am young enough and I quickly jumped into that training, but it helped me understand that I could live without advertising. I realized that I had to work it. The income earned by a man was insufficient and precise. "

G. Aliev, however, has no good words to her former man, Roland, has always been encouraged to make all the opportunities and start making a sewing material of him. That's how it started its clothing company. She thinks the first clothes they made were glazed, and then they were only raised. Popularity has also helped to develop this business, which has become a major source of income for a short time.

However, when the news of separation was made public, the hero's edition did not expose the growth of attention to # 39; men, although they just gave up a new relationship a whole year. "I'll get lots of compliments, messages, try to draw attention, but you speak out and stand on foot," she said, smile and added that, although she was very fast, she stood on her feet Independent and believed that life and the door closed, the window always opens, and the boom waits only after the greatest fall.

Now, the executor wants to earn his life of trust and continues to work with himself to believe he will accomplish all the goals he himself will set.

DELFI believes that the marriage of God Aliyev and Roland Aliyev was called the 2009 event of the world of entertainment.

It seems that it's not reasonable, to get special attention to the media. Although the marriage date was announced at the beginning of July of the same year, but at the request of God details of the marriage were easily hidden by all the girls of the girl, and the guests learned detailed details only the day before the party.

Already in March, 2009, the relationships between Godas and basketball player Šarūnas Jasikevičius began to fall into a rifraff, and a new novel of god with basketball player Rolandas Alijevas, called.

Although the singer initially tried to prevent media attention on this theme, she was quickly aware of Roland's new emotions. In short, it was taken to see why 'Honorary basketball player Š. Jaspervičius, after long-lasting friendship, is suddenly paved to the following. For the wedding day, Honor was celebrated in Svyato, in the area of ​​her closest friends, a week before marriage.

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