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A. Veryga: Runny nose is not a disease but it can be a symptom.


When you breathe through your mouth

Sick child – in kindergarten? Are you kidding me?! A. The sensitive father's response, which Mr. Veryga's Minister of Health ordered to lock the door in front of the nursing home, allows the children to cramp and cramp and spend their work with healthy cochlear or peeping contemporaries.

"How can a sick child get to a nursery school? He will become more and more sick!" Isabelle Petrauskienė, the mother of three children is amazed and frightened.

She does not think that a busy, rough child is healthy and can not eliminate her burden within a week, but it complicates the irritation of the throat when the child passes the air through her nose and mouth.

My mother-in-law, Diana Malinauskytė, adds that the virus will spread.

All of you do not have to scratch your head to leave the sick baby while you work, and there is no free maternity or money for your nanny.

"I need to think about other people with my conscience. Now teachers will have to have a baby in the nursery." The woman is angry at the novel, which does not think the novel is illness, especially children.

A. Veryga, Minister of Health, responds clearly to simple questions about whether a runny nose is a disease and does not deny that it can be a symptom of the disease.

"It depends very much. If a child has been asleep for a long time, the child returns to the nose while driving – the minister answers the question.

Nasal congestion is not a problem because you do not have to breathe through your mouth and drink cold air.

Prior to working as a doctor's psychiatrist, A. Veryga said. "Whether a runny nose is breathing does not matter. If a runny nose is cold or allergic, it is not necessarily a disease, but it may be a symptom of a disease.

Allergic rhinitis is not contagious.

However, there are some welcome newcomers. All of you do not have to scratch your head to leave your sick baby while you work, and you do not have free births or money for your nanny. After all, the employer does not want to keep the nursing certificate for the operator.

"Changing hygiene standards does not mean that you can bring a sick child to a nursing home. If you feel pain, diarrhea, vomiting, unknown elements, lice, or a feeling of swelling of the snow, he or she will be in kindergarten and kindergarten education Group that can not continue enrolling ", the Health and Safety Director of the Ministry of Health, mentioned innovation. Expert Giedrė Namajūnaitė.

Changing hygiene standards does not mean that you can now bring a sick child to kindergarten.

According to her, after taking effect in November, A.Veryga's health minister has been set up to precisely avoid excessive requirements for children with mild disabilities to enter kindergarten. These disturbances include nasal defects, coughing in the fields, coughing, and allergic rhinitis.

"Symptoms such as nasal discharge and cough are not limited to infectious diseases, and these symptoms are also present in healthy children as nontransmissible disease or even as a natural physiological response," says health safety expert G. Namajunaite.

This is partially confirmed by the family of Ieva Jasaitienė. She is 6 years old and tells a patient with allergic rhinitis. If she was excited, she did not accept the child in kindergarten. This was often the case, but my mother continued to receive a nursing certificate.

So her mother lost her job. "Says Jaisitienė, a patient's failure, especially since it is not contagious that children with allergic rhinitis can go to kindergarten.

Do not you accept your health?

Ilona Ališauskienė, director of the UN's "Pušynėlis" kindergarten, was not surprised by the new procedure since November and the introduction of new work methods was not obligatory. "We have not always been afraid for the laden children.

Another comment from the Kaunas City Kindergarten Educational Institute asking about the same view and new guidelines: Kindergartens are getting worse when they find out that their health is getting worse in the morning. They are inviting parents.

"We are not a doctor and we can not assess the health of a child." – Alisauskienė, head of Puusynėlis, says that there is no medical news for a long time in kindergarten, only teachers and service workers are hired here.

Why did you have to change the hygiene standards?

"We have contacted the Office of the Child Rights Ombudsman because the parents have complained that the children were not admitted even when they were not admitted to kindergarten or elementary school." Expert G.Namajūnaitė.

According to her, changes in the hygiene norms have begun to avoid undue restrictions on children's participation in the curriculum.

What are the circumstances in which a healthy child has not entered kindergarten? The Ministry of Health has forwarded the matter to the Office of the Child Rights Ombudsman. However, her spokesman, Egidijus Meilus, informed the agency that it could not blame them because they received oral complaints from their parents.

"The main problem is that children do not adopt cigarettes because they do not smoke, they are not adopted in kindergarten because of baggage or coughing, and parents do not get the certificate that they can not work," emphasizes the day of Kunas.

Also, according to the previous procedure, children who swallowed one or two times a day but have no other signs of infectious disease may have to remain in the group or submit a certificate that the doctor recognizes as healthy.

Studies have shown that coughing is one of the main symptoms of a child's cold symptoms, but it does not always mean that the child is sick. Symptoms such as nasal discharge and cough are not unique to the epidemic. "- It is stated that the health status of the child is monitored and evaluated by parents and educators, but is confirmed in the response of the Office of the Child Rights Ombudsman.

A recent study of audio equipment by the Ombudsman for the Protection of Children's Rights recognizes that at the time it was a healthy, non-acute upper respiratory illness, in which the child was thrown 11 times a day and some children even thrown thirty times.

Tax payment certificate

Since November, A.Verygas, the Minister of Health ordered another novelty in kindergarten. Once you receive a medical certificate that justifies the absence of a bottle, you do not need to pay for it. The experts in the ministry call this a surplus requirement.

"Until now, I brought a child to a kindergarten," says Šarūnas Būdavienė, a daughter of two, after informing them that the doctor's certificate was required for the first time and that the child was recovering.

All responsibility is now with my parents. A child care staff member must believe that the child is healthy. The Ministry of Health and Welfare rejected the revision of the hygiene regulations because it aims to reduce the administrative burden of doctors and the health certificate of the nursery schools is also a proxy requirement.

Strength of children, physical activity needs to stimulate more. When a child becomes congested or weakened he can and should take a walk in the field.

"There was an increase in cases when the kindergarten agency asked for such a certificate even when the child was healthy, but it could not be justified because she had not been in a kindergarten educational institution for a few days," said Alina Žilinaitė, a health ministry spokesman.

In fact, this was often for the benefit of the parents. I did not have to pay a day in kindergarten when my child was ill. Preschools are now committed to discussing the possibility of creating a different payment system for day care center preschoolers and kindergarten children.

"It is a great job to reduce the burden of bureaucracy for doctors, parents will be conscious, and most of all, they will not be brought to the nursery for their children," said daughter of two daughters Būdavienė.

And it is emphasized here that you can trust far from all parents.

"At night the child is taken to the kindergarten in the morning." – The woman is afraid.

Get up and consult.

"If a sick person is sick, it will infect others, and if it is burdensome, parents can work and it is very important, and parents should act responsibly," he said. Fushun Neo-nursery leader I. Ališauskienė.

It is not easy to ask whether a child is only foggy or complex due to a simple cold. He is mainly related to his parents.

"If your child does not suffer, I go to a doctor and she explains what she has to do," says Budaviée. Children's health care is left to competent medical professionals, not educators.

The new hygiene code states that when a child sleeps in a curriculum, he or she notifies the parent, guardian, or caregiver, and urgently requires urgent medical assistance if necessary. A child with an epidemic in kindergarten will be quarantined until the parent, guardian or guardian arrives.

"Runny nose and cough are common symptoms of various infections as well as infections, and the overall condition of the child should always be changed, whether it is always felt or not, whether it is sore or not, etc. "About the assumption that Audronė Urbonienė explains.

If a child suddenly suffers, the body temperature rises, the general feeling of wellbeing deteriorates, there are other disabilities and the child can not go to the team. On the other hand, children in healthy day care centers with acute viral upper respiratory infections at night or at night have already infected the virus. According to the doctor, it is impossible to control every situation.

"It's hard to imagine that there will be no children in the autumn or winter who will have a lot of sneezes or nausea." Just as Ustroniene justifies innovation, there is reason not to be wind or cold air. "It also reminds you that it is always possible to talk with your family.

Infringement in kindergarten

The National Public Health Center (NVSC) conducts public health and safety management annually at kindergartens and primary education institutions.

The control plan will be posted on the NVSC website, but the inspector will give you written notice of the inspection in advance, but the specialist will detect a large number of violations.

NVSC Kaunas Department has reviewed 65 child education institutions this year, of which 53 have found violations. More than 80% Kindergarten and pre-primary education institutions for children in Kaunas city do not meet the requirements of hygiene norm HN 75: 2016 "General health and safety requirements for the provision of preliminary and primary education programs".

According to Dalia Slavinskienė, a senior school health and safety expert, violations of the kindergarten institutions are usually determined: higher than the number of children allowed in the group. Territories and buildings are not kept free from accidents during use. Visual defects in ceilings, walls, and flooring are worn, uneven, and cracked, and can not be easily cleaned in a damp way.

The NVRC Kaunas department will be complaining more than the 2017 year for the activities of the 60% kindergarten institutions by 1 November this year. Typically there are improperly managed sandboxes and claims for unsafe buildings and sites. However, half of the complaints received during operational control were not identified.

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