Friday , February 3 2023

A team of 6 people will imitate life on Mars for a month: they do not even have to climb space


Two astronauts in costumes weighing about half a hundred kilograms slowly walk through the canyons of Mars. It may be true in a few decades, but they are marching on a red planet-like desert in Israel. A team of six people – five men and one woman – will simulate life on Mars for a month and perform more than 20 different experiments – biological, medical, geological.

“We follow the motto – overcome failures quickly and cheaply, and learn intensively, because we hope that the mistakes we make on Earth will not be repeated on Mars,” says Gernot Gromer, the organizer of the experiment.

The Ramon crater is home to the participants in the experiment. Here the crew processes the collected data and information, eats, sleeps. Opportunities to contribute to the study to understand what life on Mars looks like, the team has waited more than a year – an experiment on a coronavirus pandemic has been postponed.

“There will be challenges, but I trust my team and I think we can overcome them. We learn to work together, practice and not doubt ourselves,” assures team member Alon Tenzer.

And when will humans finally land on the Red Planet? There have already been many optimistic predictions here. However, NASA announces that the first human mission to Mars will not take place until 2035.

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