Tuesday , January 18 2022

3-day weekend, 6-week holiday


“Ingrida Šimonytė’s response that it is possible to ‘discuss 20 years’ over a 4-day working week shows that we currently have an unfriendly political force in power,” said Orinta Leiputė, deputy parent of the faction of the Social Democratic Party of Seimas.

According to her, the largest experiment in the world that has just ended in Iceland has shown that a working day of 4 days not only does not harm the economy, but also, on the contrary, improves productivity and public health. “What prevents the Lithuanian government from being convinced of this? Let us now begin the experiment,” the parliamentarian summed up the challenge of society by I. Šimonyte.

Socdem launches playlist campaign # 4d to mobilize supporters for 4-day workday

During the campaign, the call for a national experiment will be based on the views of experts and “ordinary” people.

The issue of too short a holiday will also be addressed. O. Leiputė recalls that experts are already hungry for the fact that Lithuanian holidays are one of the shortest in the EU – 20 working days. In Scandinavia, workers are usually on holiday for 6-8 weeks.

“The shorter trials of working weeks in Iceland took place in the public sector. Employees worked shorter, but received the same salary,” says O. Leiputė.

“The experiment lasted 4 years. Productivity levels not only decreased but also increased.

The experiment was undertaken by the government of the country. It was attended by staff from various institutions and profiles: administrators, kindergarten staff, social service providers, hospital staff. From 40 hours a week to 35 hours. The results are so impressive that now 86 percent. “Icelandic workers work (or will soon work) for less than the same wage,” she said.

Start discussions about the possibility of working in Lithuania at 6 pm. during the day last year called the Lithuanian Trade Union Confederation (LPSK).

According to Inga Ruginienė, President of the LPSK, the pandemic that has crippled the world has left millions of workers unemployed and will be left behind, and the company tends to make the most of those who are still working instead of to think about productivity,

“Maintaining the same salary, but lowering the level of working time, there would be many more winners than the big capital and profit institutions that we are trying to tell. First of all, the problem of unemployment would be solved, if second – productivity would increase (proved both a hundred years ago and today), thirdly – people would have money to buy goods and services, “I.Ruginienė said.

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