Wednesday , December 8 2021

19 people were taken to the hospital at Vilnius Radvila gym – somebody was spewing gas.


Notice of this case was received on Monday at 9.38.

The Radvila Gymnasium, at 112, in the capital's Seskiai district, reported that teachers and students felt gassy and their mouths and eyes were brilliant.

video : Poisoning by gas in children's hospital of Radvila Gymnasium

Vilnius County Police Department 15 minutes It was enough to evacuate classes and corridors when I realized I did not need to empty my gym.
According to fire and rescue sources, the help of a firefighter on Gelvonai Street was not needed.

The so-called pepper gas training school was destroyed by one of the "smart" malicious PE teachers.

Vilnius police do not have specific data on how many people suffered in this case. Officials said at least one student received emergency medical assistance.

But at least 19 people were actually hit.

Public Hospital Emergency Medical Services (GMPS) Zdislavas Skvarcianas 15 minutes The first medical staff reported that they arrived at the scene in just three minutes. 9.41 o'clock

Overall, eight high speed minivans were sent to school.

"Eye irritation, sore throat" – major complaints of victims were listed by the GMPS administrator.

According to him, all of the adult victims were transferred to the Vilnius University Hospital in Lazdynai, and the minors were transferred to the children's hospital in Santariškės.

There is only one crew member to watch. Someone may need psychological counseling or other help.

"The end of this shock is 11.04, but now one crew is on standby, someone will need mental consultation or other help," said Z. Skvarciani.

Major administration of the Radvila Gymnasium 11:00 The respondent said she could not comment on school events. The Interviewer soon realized that there was no other person who could provide information to the public immediately after the handset.

Investigate the situation.

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