Tuesday , January 18 2022

Winter disease affects women more … and gives the skin three colors.


Skin color is whitened due to renoid disease.

In winter and at low temperatures people feel cold especially when going outdoors, but this does not mean annoying to people with "renov" disease.

When they are cool, people with the disease say that their fingers and fingers are freezing and then exposed to high temperatures, turning white into blue and then red, HealthComb.com said.

Normal people usually do not have to wear gloves in mild and cold areas, but serious consequences when they are not worn by elderly patients (eg, fingers become white).

According to the Mayo Clinic, about one-third of people with the disease have not only other causes such as nerve damage, injuries to the hands and feet, exposure to chemicals, but also relatives suffering from it.

Anyone can get this disease, but it is more common in women and is often found in adolescence.

Melissa Lay Baker of Emissency Medicine says treatment methods such as drugs that expand blood vessels, neurosurgery or Botox injections, "renoy" disease is not serious and can be easily included.

A simpler solution was to maintain a pair of gloves.

However, neglect of the disease can lead to a fatal disease known as "bronchitis," which can cause serious damage to the skin and tissues.

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