Wednesday , January 26 2022

(Video) Damianos train to "Al-Nahar": Lebanon's economy has entered orbital dangers and has not collapsed – Faraj Abaji


"The Lebanese economy has entered a danger zone, but has not yet reached a crisis of collapse or collapse," said former Finance Minister Damianos Katar. He said some companies were bankrupt but not 150,000 in Lebanon and Lebanese should not lose confidence in their production mechanisms and their daily lives. He said in an interview with Facebook. "The Lebanese economy is based on political trust, financial flows and productivity. Unfortunately, for the first time in Lebanese history today, the three pillars of the economy are broken," he said.

"This plan has not yet been publicly disclosed and has not been discussed publicly, but it has been discussed in a closed room, which requires that the leasing economy, such as real estate and bonds, is not sufficient for sustained economic growth, It is not new because it refers to the era of President Fuad Shehab and the revitalization of the Lebanese economy may not take place in a couple of months, but it takes at least a year and a half. "

About the possibility that the Cedar conference can bring back the economic situation. When considering trains, there are those who consider trains to be gold mines, simplifying private sector investments in the economy and economy. The state has to intervene in the underlying infrastructure and make long-term investments to move its economic base, and Sidr is only a brief summary of the Keynes concept, but the latter must balance the government's checking account and balance it with the long-term investment account. However, "cedar" should receive money from outside the concept of current account and put it in infrastructure, but it is forbidden because of financial heresy. The deficit is a structural imperfection, so it is prohibited today to control the public debt, and if the government can not do it in this account, it will not give any results at present. "

"The US sanctions are a legal program that does not just go against the law, and every day it is developing in the application of this law. The United States has created the legal force that you can only apply to abroad. And that expanding the scope of financial crimes would result in sanctions if the Lebanese government violated this law and that the Lebanese government could not tolerate this law and that the Lebanese banks and banking associations were questioned about the law Everyone knows, and I do not think anyone will refuse to cooperate because it presents the country as a massive siege, especially since it is a country that imports goods abroad and sends money abroad. "

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