Saturday , September 18 2021

Tokyo 2020: Syrian Hend Zaza is the youngest athlete in the Olympic Games

Syrian child Hend Zaza is the youngest player at the “Tokyo 2020” Olympic Games, and will participate in the table tennis “ping pong” competition

  • Hind Zaza
    Hind Zaza

The 12-year-old Syrian girl, Hend Zaza, will become the first Syrian player to participate in the table tennis “ping pong” competition in the history of the Olympic Games, as well as the youngest athlete in the Olympic Games ” Tokyo 2020 “, because she will participate in the version that opens today, Friday, in the Japanese capital.

Zaza was born on January 1, 2009, and qualified for the Olympics after winning the final of the West Asian Table Tennis Championships against 42-year-old Lebanese first-ranked Mariana Sahakian with a score of 4-3. and thus capped the qualifying card for the Olympic Games “Tokyo 2020” to be Youngest participant.

Zhaza is accompanied in the mission of Syria by Majd Al-Din Ghazal (high jump), weightlifter Maan Asaad, Ahmed Hamsho (equestrian), swimmer Ayman Kalzieh and Muhammad Maso (triathlon).

The credit for discovering Zaza’s skills and talent goes back to her former coach, Adham Jamaan, in 2014.

That talent paid off after just seven months, when she finished second in the 2015 Syrian Junior Championships at the age of six.

Zaza’s breakthrough was her second solution, to later win the Syrian Championship and the West Asian Championships for the under-12 age groups, before winning the 2018 Syrian Women’s Championship in 2018.

Zaza will play a tough match in the preliminary round of the women’s competition at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, tomorrow, Saturday, against veteran Austrian Liu Jia, 39.

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