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The top of Riad calls the desire to reach the ambitions of citizens

Business Saudi Arabia's Journal News Monday, December 10th

Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman gave the importance of keeping the GCC top in Riyadh that the presence of leaders ratified the importance of this organization and its continued role and joint action to achieve the ambitions of citizens.

The Embassy claims that the Kingdom continues to maintain the Arab rifle, extremism, extremeism and terrorism, and to learn that the media is an exposition of Arab and Islamic status, or it is the mosque kiss and the land of # 39; The three Holy Mosques, in addition to their international status and their leadership role in supporting Arabs and Islamic issues, such as the success of the Kingdom on all fields.

General interest

The Saudi ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Dr. Abdullah Al-Sheikh, confirmed that the GCC top in Riyadh by the leaders will be the most important of this organization and its key role in strengthening the GCC process and working for common interests.

He said the Riyadh summit to the world dominates the quietness of # 39; GCC leaders on this entity and the importance of its mechanization and realization of golf integration at all levels and levels, and also the leaders to gain the gulf unite and bring the rip where it is.

He added that the Gulf Cooperation Council has since its establishment 37 years of great representatives and accomplices to earn and strengthen the joint Gulf action process and completion of steps, programs, and economic, social, political, security and military integration under the GCC States and realizing the ambitions of the Gulf nations to cooperate, The Council has also contributed to the maintenance of security and stability in the region, to promote terrorist organizations and extreme ideology in defense of our Arab values ​​and the principles of & # 39; Islamic religion based on moderation and tolerance.

Economic integration

Al-Sheikh said that one of the objectives of establishing & # 39; The Gulf Cooperation Council is coordinating between Member States in the GCC to improve GCC's cooperation and cooperation, such as coordination and consultation among GCC leaders in promoting economic integration and future economic development for these countries. To work with developed countries,

Coordination and exchange of views and positions about how you will deal with various international and regional challenges.

He pointed out that the Golferlands occupy a prominent position on regional and international levels and play a strong role in stabilizing oil prices on the island's surface. the international market and support of the country's economy. And the Gulf States work together in the face of terrorist organizations and extremist ideology in # 39; the defense of our Arab values ​​and the principles of Islamic religions based on moderation and tolerance, and limit the influence of Iran and its interference in # 39; the internal affects of countries such as Yemen and Syria. Security and stability, NH in the region.

Political solutions

He points out that the Kingdom demands a political solution that Syria loses its current crisis and prevents terrorist organizations and their external influences and returns Syrian refugees to their homeland to the ambitions and hope from & # 39; to reach the Syrian population. The position is based on the Geneva Declaration (2012)) and other relevant resolutions.

The Kingdom reaffirms the efforts of an international response to helping the political process to save the crisis and support its efforts to maintain peace between all parties of the # 39; to keep Yemeni. The Kingdom also reacts its commitment to the importance of a political solution to the situation in Yemen, based on the three references of the # 39; a gulf initiative,.

He has assumed that the kingdom was subjected to an unjust attack as a result of its Arab and Islamic status, such as the kiss of # 39; the mosques and the land of Three Holy Mosques, in addition to the international state and its leading role in supporting Arab and Islamic issues, and the performance of the Kingdom at Economic level Hoewol's striving efforts in # 39 The struggle against terrorism, extremist ideology, the dissemination of moderation, moderation and tolerance and its striking contribution to global security and stability.

Today terrorism

He said that the attack would not disappear from the Kingdom of the intention to fight terrorism, extreme extremism, and its resistance to the war in # 39; to prevent the internal affairs of states and that the Kingdom finds itself in leadership and lead to The Islamic world and defend its causes and interests.

He stated that the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 is the vision of # The two sacred mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, crown prince and deputy prime minister and Defense Minister and President of Economic Affairs and Development Affairs on Development, Building and Development for a Luminous Future. Economic development Saudi Arabia makes major benefits and manages to manage at a high level of development and control and foreign investment and to reach large profits at the National Bank, and is the result of The cutsuit and the will and strategic thinking of HH Kronprins – God can preserve him – and reflect the simplicity of our leadership on sustainable development in various aspects.

Promoting the hope of peoples

The Saudi ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman, Eid al-Thaqafi, said the Gulf summit of the GCC countries, understanding the importance of this organization and the importance of joint action and the importance of further coordination among the GCC countries The Custodian or the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, GCC leaders to hope for their peoples hope for further co-operation .

He adds that international relations, in particular in the last decades, are important for co-operating and coordination of positions between different countries, geographical links or religious or national participants in the field of joint challenges, this trend is everywhere in & # 39; the world views and points to the convergence of Arab countries and their involvement in the Arab League, such as the convergence of European countries and their involvement in the European Union.


The Saudi ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman said the countries of # The cooperation of partnerships have the closest ties between countries. The most important is the feeling of their peoples & # 39; common wider and common destination, and their decision for unity and coherence between them. The citizens of the Council bring their identity cards and the freedom to do business for the citizens of # 39; the Council under the GCC States and other results.

The Ambassador Al-Thaqafi said: "The positions and events of the Council of the Council have the unity of these countries and their support besides each, such as the Kuwaiti invasion of 1990, when # had been the GCC countries in the Kuwaiti state until Kuwait won his freedom and independence.

He said: The Council is in & # 39; access to history to get a common approach to the political and economic crisis that deserves the region and the world, and the GCC countries speak in one language about these issues, as a result of # 39 ; The GCC's are thrown by one another by the strength of their positions, but the Council is in economic circumstances: one of the 39 ' the most important countries in the world that is oil, that capacity of & nbsp; the world economy.

Stability of the region

The GCC states believe that saving existing crisis such as the Palestinian crisis and helping Palestinian people to achieve their justice is an important factor in stability. The GCC countries supported the Arapaho in 2002 for the correct solution of Palestinian problem to # 39; the basis for the correct solution of Palestinian problems. Both the region has been ratified by the terrorist threat, such as the organization of ' a terrorist lawyer, was on the forefront of # the world, and now, the Iran-EU peacekeeping agenda sets itself up and continues its policy threatens the stability of the Gulf region and the Arab world as a basis to build normal relations with them.

Address on the Yemeni crisis

Al-Thaqafi points out that since the establishment of GCC, a uniform feature on & # 39; the old and the door find Arab problems or international problems. For example, if the events in the Breton Republic of Yemen have found in 2011 a joint move to restore this crisis and try to restore stability Yemen This effort presents the Golf Initiative, which was accepted by all Yemeni parties and by the UN Security Council adopted the basis for the solution in Yemen.

Instead of media offensive against the kingdom, he said: The principles of this attack are the law of # the direction of justice and their non-disregard for the just rights of # 39; Arabs and Muslims and the hostility of some forces against the kingdom. "We must not forget that the kingdom is the heart of the Arab and Islamic world And the attack on her and the attempt to endure her stability is a threat to the stability of the Arab and Islamic world, but grateful are the wisdom of the kingdom and the consistency of its people and the respect of the overwhelming majority of governments of the world as a result of firm positions and their contribution to stability in the Middle East and the world generally enabled For the Kingdom of the everlasting stop these horrific attacks.

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