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The government vaccination waits for the resignation of Aoun or Hariri Battalions


After Hezbollah was fully informed that there was no empire without the assignment of her Sunni allies, was the ball of writers in the court of two presidents Michel Aoun or the president of Saad Hariri, the party's party the price of & # 39; the election of the formation of # 39; government wants to pay.

With the failure of Aoun and Hariri to take the initiative and take the formation of government without the permission of Hezbollah, the ball of # Discrimination in their court, in time to earn, just for reasons.

Hezbollah has succeeded in breaking the conquest of Aoun and Hariri. After the president had supported himself in support of the president's appointment, he returned to the position of Suleiman al-Hakim and the mediator was rejected, his death solidarity position, intended to form the council proposal making the participation of a party. Without his consent to the Minister of March 8.

Awareness of support for Hariri and Bassil's dismissal of war support was the clear evidence that the presidential election closed the way to all the solutions that could come at his expense. He gave Hezbollah of that, counted the number of ministers he received in # 39; the formation which had to give its decisions.

Aoun and Hariri ask Hezbollah to go to another battle if the representation of March 8 or the so-called "fight with cup" is approved. The fear is that they can ask for a lot of service portfolio, and also the transition to a more complete phase.

At the time of finger splitting, Hariri takes the approach of radicalization, saying Aoun and Bari on independence that he can not return from his earnings on March 8 of his division, so he does not accept. And thus they deserve their right to ministerial representation. The information says that all in Hariri in this context do not succeed in all efforts to make sure the Sunni representatives are continuing to receive political recognition and have the right to form the government's government burn.

According to the so-called President Najib Miqati and General Ashraf Rifai, she has been supporting her, has the latest snap of this deputy, or of religious authorities, Dar al-Fatwa, Hezbollah, or 39 He named the president Fouad Siniora.

As Aoun, he refuses to pay the prize of Sunni deputies, in & nbsp; the context of 'hezbollah & # 39; The attempt to break the Hariri monarchy. Aun is said he did not accept the ministers of deposits from his part or part of the Free Patriotic Movement, De Sunnyske deputy decided to call its representative, and this name must be his part, but not as a depot , but as permanent minister in this quota. This proposal means to come back to accepting the action with the Future Movement, which can visit the media.

In # light of & # 39; the inability to go into a government without the Shiite duo and in the light of the toughness of # The recent government to work and to consider an economic program, Hezbollah has the crisis to form the government of Aoun and Hariri Stadium, Fan # 39; the government, while Hariri is fighting to not make the most painful concessions.

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