Tuesday , January 31 2023

The biggest pink diamond in the auction .. Know the price.


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Christy International Jewelery President Christy Kadakia said, "During these 251 years we have not seen more than 4 carats and more than 10 carats.

According to Christie's auction house, the rectangular diamond belongs to the Oppenheimer family, which has long dominated De Beers, which dominated the world diamond industry until the late 1950s. Christiez expects diamonds to attract individual buyers in Asia despite high prices.

"The colored diamonds have been a very strong competitor to the auction in recent years, especially with stones weighing more than 5 carats," Kadakia said. "We expect to see a lot of attention, especially in Asia and other countries around the world. .

The 15-carat Pink Promise was sold for $ 32 million last year in Hong Kong, and the 16-carat Josephine Fine was sold for about $ 29 million in 2015.

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