Tuesday , June 6 2023

Slaughter of cattle and slaughter struggle "Climate change


The Committee on Climate Change, the need to reduce the number of cattle and livestock in the UK to five and a half years,
According to the BBC's report by environmental expert Roger Harabin, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) needs this because beef and sheep generate the majority of greenhouse gases. Pigs and chickens have fewer methane, so the number of pigs and chickens.
The report pointed to the need to reduce 20 to 50 percent of beef and lamb pastures that can unleash 3 to 7 million hectares of grassland from the current 12 million hectares in the UK. green gas.
The report suggested reducing beef consumption by 89 percent, reducing chlorine by 63 percent and reducing milk production by 20 percent.
She noted that the National Federation of Trade Unions Monet Patters was disappointed that the report included the report to the Commission on Climate Change and pointed out that the report did not recognize the environmental benefits of beef and sheep production in the UK did.
Patterson said restricting beef production is a serious mistake and that farmers should have a system to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

source : Sputnik

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