Wednesday , September 28 2022

"Single Day" is the world's largest electronic shopping festival.


The "Single Day", held annually on November 11 in China, has become the largest shopping day in the world, surpassing sales, profits and demand for the world's most popular shopping day.

China 's e – commerce giant Alibaba recorded record sales this year, with annual sales of 10 billion yuan ($ 44.1 billion) last year.

Singles Day became the world's largest 24-hour shopping festival, surpassing America's largest Black Friday and Internet Two.

On 11/11, China's Alibaba chose to be a symbol of celibacy and decided to switch to China's most popular shopping day a few years ago and developed a more fascinating e-procurement technology for its users. As the user experiments the reality, the company sets up an hour to display the costume and product to the model and the exhibitor, and the user asks about the product during the exhibition.

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