Tuesday , June 6 2023

Mona Zaki talks about how to deal with her daughter when she is young.


Rana Salah Al – Din – Cairo – Gulf Following 365

As soon as the Egyptian writer Ahmed Hilmi and the daughter of artist Mona Zaki recently appeared, there was a wide debate among the audience. Especially when I saw my mother's length, I entered my youth.

Mona Zaki revealed in her press statement how she treated her eldest son, Lee Lee. "She did not follow the punishment of the children, but strongly rejected her and worked with her to collect her.

The daughter was afraid that her daughter would be especially sick when she was younger and taller because she was tall and full, so she would try to eat too much.

"She once knew that her daughter was hiding food and she told her that she had eaten it and I realized she had to teach my daughter to be honest and now they are friends and Li Lee is her two younger brother Salim You can raise Yunis.

The Egyptian writer gave a different opinion on the «Energy Energy» program on Radio «Energy» «Her daughter is young and talks about everything that goes on» becoming a stage to impress young and young men and everything in Tasarha ».

She also emphasized that the most important thing in raising a daughter is to make her a good person, psychologically healthy.

Mona Zaki and Ahmad Hilmi are one of the most famous stars who keep their personal lives away from the press and do not post pictures of children except for the narrowest limits.

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