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Mohammed Al Sharky, Fujairah sponsor West Asian Football Federation Futsal Championship


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Tuesday, November 6, 2018 Tuesday at the site of Sharjah 24.

Sharjah –

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Hammad Al Sharqi, the prince of Shaqh Mohammed Al Sharqi, said that Shikh Saqr Bin Khalid Al Qasimi, chairman of the Sharjah Sports Council, I received it at the office of Emiri Diwan, who is the chairman of the West Asia Futsal Championship Championship Organizing Committee. UAE Football Association President, Issa Hilal, Secretary General of Sharjah Sports Council, Brigadier General Abdul Malik Jani, Chairman of Futsal Executive Committee.

Prince Prince welcomed delegates and confirmed that Fujairah was ready to host the West Asia Futsal Championship championship. He fully supported the success of the contest to show the UAE's reputation.

He also reviewed the work of the championship program, the organizing committee and subcommittees and work plan, and prayed for the success of the committees for the success of the competition and the appropriate efforts to qualify and host the teams.

Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed bin Khalid Al Qasimi thanked Prince Fujairah for his appreciation for the support of the West Asia Futsal Football Federation and for his support of the Council and the success of the Al Fujairah contest. That state.

The meeting was attended by Salim Al Zahmi, Secretary General of the UAE Football Federation, Khalifa Al Shamsi, Vice Chairman of the Futsal Executive Committee, and Secretary General Fujairah, Secretary General Amran Al Nuaimi.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq and Lebanon will take part in the West Asia Football Futsal Championship from 4 to 12 December in Fujairah.

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