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Minister of Investment and Senior Businesses participate in the dinner of Israel's ambassador to Beirut


Minister of Internal Affairs and Allies participate in the dinner of Egypt's ambassador to Beirut Saqr News, say on & # 39; The seventh day we invite you to join the Minister of Investment and businesses to join the dinner of Egypt's ambassador to Beirut, the Minister of Business and Business to participate in the dinner of & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; an ambassador of Egypt in Beirut. With the latest news, the Minister of Investment and Seniors participate in the dinner of Egypt's ambassador to Beirut.

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Nazih El Naggari, Ambassador of Egypt to the Republic of Lebanon, received a reception at his home in Beirut on the occasion of the # visit Dr. Sahar Nasr, Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, to Lebanon to participate in the Egyptian-Lebanon Business Forum.

The event was visited by a number of Egyptian and Lebanese entrepreneurs, including Mohamed El Sewedy, Chairman of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, Ahmed El Sewedy, President of El Sewedy Electric Company, Gamal El Garhy, President of the Al Garhy Steel Group , Fathallah Fawzi, President of # 39; Dr. Abeer Essam, President of Ammar Bouwmaterialen Company, Ahmed Abdul Hamid, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Industry of the Chamber of Commerce, Kamal Al Desouki, Vice-President of # 39; the room.

Lebanese businessman Fuad Hadarj, vice president of the Egyptian-Lebanese liberation agency for companies, Marwan Zantout, head of the Economic Commission of # 39; the association, Mohamed al-Hout, chairman of the board of # the association.

The ambassador Nazih al-Najari gave a public talk to the public, where he stressed that the economic and political relations between Egypt and Lebanon are very good. Lebanon is determined by the ranking of foreign countries investing in Egypt, and the trade relations between the two countries are big, but we try to grow and conquer. We attract Egypt investment to the Lebanese market, which have important projects in the coming months, especially after the government's formation, and there are large Egyptian companies that can invest in # 39 ; Lebanon and support investment.

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