Tuesday , January 31 2023

Management and health – new innovations that cure scars and leave scars


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Beijing – Lifestyle

A group of Chinese scientists invented a gel-based gelatin gel that can heal wounds without scarring.

According to the journal "Biomaterial Science", scientists used sericin research found in silk fibers, and they extracted the fibers in the light of ultraviolet light and introduced a tightening process to connect the protein chains.

Scientists have gained the result of a well-gelled "gel" gelling process that does not cause an immune response in the body, preventing inflammation and stimulating new blood vessel growth. This gel also regulates the action of skin cells to prevent scarring from the affected area, but creates a new skin. This gel has other properties such as preventing bacteria from entering the wound and explaining the rate of recovery.

Proteins found in silk are also biologically naturally active, according to scientists, due to the amino acid composition of the silk amino acids similar to human skin.

Scientists hope that this gel will be used in large-scale medical applications after characterization because this innovation is most effective in wound healing and prevents the appearance of scarring.

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