Friday , March 5 2021

Launch of the experimental broadcast of Radio "Habayeb FM"

Ali Abdel-Sattar: I thank the Ministry of Culture and Sport for supporting the radio and doing their work

The Habayeb FM team worked day and night to give the audience high quality audio content

The radio is the slogan "Khalkm listening to Khalina Habayeb"

"Star with Ali Abdel Sattar", "Hala mei Roula", "You are in Wartha" and "Artist with Fattakat"

On the eve of the month, Ali Abdel-Sattar's studio has launched the start of # 39; The experimental broadcast of Habayeb FM radio was asked to send 93.7 of Doha, the first Qatari-Arabic radio channel to broadcast from Qatar's state of affairs and broadcast to # The Arab World The Qatari Ambassador Ali Sattar and the Media Rola Al-Ghazzawi The slogan "Khalkm at Hearing and Khalina Habayeb" is for this slogan to attach the vision of the radio based on enjoyment and solidarity.

The vote of Ali Abdul Sattar was the first voice to report the experimental broadcast, and then Ghazzawi volunteered to handle the goals and directions of the radio. The microphone then traveled to the creative engineer and musician Falah Al-Saleh composed the music for most radio badges. Nabil Wahid.

In an interview with "AEast"The experimental broadcast contains many musical notes that illustrate the idea and content of the radio program, the end of the end of January 's final A large collection of Qatari songs in the special and Arabic songs in Habayeb FM "from media and directors to the terms of ' to broadcast the pilot broadcast, where they worked day and night for the content of 'audience and audio audio from' to deliver the highest and in direct contact with people.

Ali Abdul-Sattar adds: "It is necessary to indicate the addition of new and diverse individuals, such as Professor Fawaz Abu Qambaz and Fat Fat, to give the public a funny way of getting rid of obscurity. The most prominent radio program is: We want local listeners to offer a package of programs that combine it with pleasure I like to talk: "Star with Ali Abdel Sattar", 39 & # 39; The proposal and presentation will be, and I will hold a group of stars of Qatar in all places of artistic, cultural and society.

The problems and problems of citizens and the resident are discussed by Rola al-Ghazzawi in a daily program that is in & # 39; The middle of the day is broadcast under the name "Hala with Rola" and "You are in trouble" with Fawaz. The program is a daily program that describes the problems of youth on all fields, in addition to many sports, healthcare and social programs, children's programs and competitions are known in detail as the program- The plan is final, Great beginning of the year Next to the broadcast definition in more detail.

He asserted that the role of the Ministry of Culture and Sport is called in the Ministry of Culture and Sport in support of the radio and stop working with him and the great cooperation they deliver. And all thanks and appreciation for the national media services studios, and the musician Eng. Walid Abu Qasim, and composer Naif Ahmed on her efforts.

It is clear that Ali Abdel-Sattar's justice and the media Rola al-Ghazawi define a video of the new radio by social networking sites, an important order of activists of these websites and interested, and is expected that the radio "Habayeb FM" to achieve a qualitative addition to the media center in Qatar.

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