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Kuwait newspaper Nawal Al Zoghbi: I do not fear the time … and the harsh experience taught me.


• She is preparing new albums and festivals in Kuwait, USA and Beirut.

The diary of Nawal al-Zoghbi is crowded with activity, but not calm. Golden Star will move from Beirut, Cairo and Arab countries to respond to media meeting requests such as the most recent "My Story with Time", revive a series of concerts and prepare new albums. All of this confirms how long she has to double her artistic gifts, how art does not live, and how she does not breathe with air.

Cairo, Rahal Al-Najmah Nawal Al-Zoghbi is currently finalizing the final four albums of upcoming albums by Rotana. "I finished the last four songs in Cairo," she said. "The album includes ten songs and I'm glad to hear it from the audience."

She added that she will be releasing two compositions composed by Omar Mustafa, poets Amir Taima and Ayman Bahgat Qamar. Nawal also works with poet Khalid Taj El Din.

Challenge and Regret

She stands in her face with a powerful and positive message. In an interview with Lebanese journalist "My Story with Time" on Dubai TV, life is not limited to many years, they challenge each other, but Nawal learns through harsh experiences.

The only thing Nawal Al Zoghbi feels about is her regret for her marriage. However, she does not intend to join again, but in the present time the ideal man's qualities are as follows. Handsome, generous and defeated.

Age stage

At a meeting with Golden Star's brother, Marcel Zoghbi, Nawal confirmed that she was not being opposed to plastic surgery, saying she would perform properly and perform properly, exposing her pain and hoping to remain beautiful for as long as actress Sophia Loren.

"It is necessary to hide the wrinkles with Botox injections in anticipation of the possibility of leaving two twin children.Georgy, Joy to America and a restaurant chain named Chez Nawal.In her daughter Tia, After graduating to become self-reliant, I know I have stopped supporting her, but I am expected to live with my father as well as today.

As for her colleagues who could contact her if she decides to retire, Nawal pointed out that both Lebanese song Najwa Karam and romantic Wael Kfoury's sun are true friends.

In conversation with her daughter, Nawal and Marcel's mother, Jamal al-Zoghbi, described the two guests beautifully and importantly and said that she had given her a beautiful day.

The two guests moved to another age when Nawal appeared at her 80s and her brothers and 1970s. At first, when an artist did not want to live until this age, but later received the impression that she would maintain beauty, elegance, strength, and flair, she changed her opinion and could return to retirement decisions at this age and «Najoumia Almtkoyan» The experience is an 80-year-old concert that made her feel the blessing of the young man she now lives.

In the end, Nawal described the 1940s as a future and youth. In the 1980s, the warrior described it as "jaundice."

Stability and confrontation

Nawal al-Zoghbi acknowledged that he needed stability and time with his family. In a face-to-face mirror, the golden star himself said: "These years have passed quickly, but I still love myself and trust myself very much."

At the end of the episode, Marcel Zoghbi wrote a letter to his daughter in the future with his caring and recommendation for his wife, and Nawal Al Zoghbi sent the following message to the audience: "Write to those who supported me and promise not to lose them forever …"

Wholesale concert

Nawal Al Zoghbi will be performing live on the LBCI screen at the Lebanon Business Awards Thursday night and will be attending a Saturday evening, November 17th (celebration party for the Lebanese and Arab communities) in Las Vegas.

In December, two wedding parties will be held in Kuwait and Lebanon's New Year celebrations will be held at two concerts between the Berlin Hotel and the Beyal Center in downtown Beirut.

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