Tuesday , January 31 2023

Kuroanui's response to a cement company … Padiah Dahul – Ambassador to North Korea


The current and former members of the Koura Crisis, the Local Governments Union of the Parties, Koura and Municipalities, the crisis of environmental issues related to the cement company's environmental issues and all the issues and problems in that area.

This warning is translated into ongoing conferences and seminars at all levels to put pressure on cement companies to comply with laws, regulations and regulations that are in place to reduce environmental pollution, casualties and risks and distortions of nature.

As a result, at the heart of the Union of Municipalities of Koura, present and former Koura and municipal representatives have convened a coordination meeting to create a roadmap for the next step of the judiciary, open to all options.

There are three main tracks to follow: judicial tracks, media tracks, and popular and political tracks. Once the government is formed, participants will visit the President of the Republic, the House Speaker, the cabinet ministers and ministers, present environmental issues and claim rights in the region.

In the past, the crisis ended with sporadic sit-ins, intermittent meetings and seminars. It started the preparation of the judicial file and released the steps and the subsequent movements through the press conference. In this regard, the agreement with the company is no longer included and the draft agreement already discussed between the Ministry of Environment and the Koura Tuit Union of Local Authorities no longer satisfies Koreans' aspirations and suggestions and solutions are not presented.

There is no doubt that the source has reached zero according to an environmental observer. Mark the contamination of Alkoura in red and stop working for several hours.

As part of all this effort, Karoura Bou Karim, head of Koura's municipal coalition of engineers, said, "All solutions to the Kuran environmental crisis are summarized as applying cement companies to environmental protection laws, quarry and cracker organization legislation and the laws of the highest environmental protection laws. "He said," Apply all laws and companies to the law, so that there is no reason or motive anymore. "He expressed" confidence "to the judiciary to protect and protect his rights.

"This battle will end with victory, and it will end with rights recovery and law enforcement," Bou Karim said.

Researcher and environmental activist Dr. Najikudai stressed the negative risks posed by cement companies because they were experts in the Ministry of Environment at a symposium organized by the Koura branch of the Lebanese Communist Party in the center of Najda Al-Sha'a baa. Depicting villages and criticizing them for lack of urban planning, resulting in duplication of residential areas due to health and environmental disasters and record levels. Responsible for all Lebanese environmental issues to consecutive governments and Congress.

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