Thursday , August 11 2022

It is time to invest our victory in our government!


The Lebanese government has made full efforts to secure the full Syrian regime in Lebanon. When it comes to strategic wars in relation to the Syrian war and to ministerial-level quotas inflated by foreign projects, the authorities that have always adopted promotion policies believe that it is time to invest the victory in the Lebanese axis, especially through the new government.

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, secretary general of Saed Hassan Nasrallah, has become more clear and determined at his last minute, saying that he has recently become a minister of the Sunni allies in one form that would not have a Lebanese government that does not meet the demands of Hezbollah. Despite Prime Minister-appointed Prime Minister Saad Hariri's attempt, it is considered a major strategic benefit internally, as long as the party believes it is time to utilize the surplus power somewhere in Lebanon on the matter represented on March 8. Reduce the importance of "Sunni knots" and rely on the possibility of a jump.

The success of the party that succeeded in entering Lebanon's Sunni stadium took place in the last general election, one of his most successful achievements in Lebanon. Lebanon is a great vision of the party that has adopted the Sunni movement against Lebanon's choice of resistance each year for years and will not overuse it at all costs. "The message of Tawzer, the representative of the" Opposition Year ", when Hezbollah was to prove that Hezbollah has long been a monopoly on the representation of the Shi'a community and has succeeded in attracting Christians represented by the liberal nationalist movement Beyond Lebanon, he touched the door of the region like the international capital, believing he has been missing Sunni protection for a long time, will guarantee his legitimacy and national umbrella, and some will not be able to "exaggerate".

Hezbollah has raised more than one issue in recent months, arguing that it is supported by the position of the general secretary, especially by the demands of independent Sunni workers until time. In particular, after the Aoun President and the Aoun President's Acceleration and since the party's appearance, the relationship between President Aoun and the President of the Republic sparked the party's provocations by showing its solidarity and support for the Prime Minister. Over the past few days, the communication channel between Haret Hreik and Bestsar Palace has been revitalized and the talks between Nasrallah and Gibran Bassil, the leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, have recently been abandoned by the leaders of both parties to abandon their development and positions and prevent negative repercussions. It was a translation of the frenzy that was announced. And Mar Mikhael directly on the understanding.

But Aunis's aspiration for strategic understanding with Hisbola does not remove the overwhelming resentment of the leadership or the Orange masses. The newly formed Sunni-Shi'a nomination may be right after Hezbollah met Nasrallah, despite claiming to keep it within the Sunni regime. But he urged both sides to absorb it quickly and rebuild the Sunni-Shiite conflict before it gets violent. Release it.

All information, whether he puts all the papers on the table and apologizes or continues to strengthen I "tikaaf in Paris, whether he will return to Beirut for a few days and notify people concerned about his position, . Therefore, the decision not to give up the situation of Hezbollah means to enter the country in fact. This will not help new and dark tunnels due to government blanks and will not give any warning about the inevitable economic collapse due to the situation of the government crisis.

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