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How can you delete the last 15 minutes of your search on “Google” with one click? – Our lives – destinations

Google has released a new update that allows you to delete Google search history on iOS devices, and this is to protect the privacy of users.

With the new update, you can clear your Google search history for the previous 15 minutes, which means you can hide what you were looking for right away.

The Google search engine automatically clears your search history after 3 months, 18 months or 36 months.

This update was also released exclusively for iPhone phones, and the update will reach Android phones by the end of the year, according to what the company said earlier.

Steps to clear Google search history
You need to follow these steps to clear search history through the app:

First go to the Google app on your phone, then click on the profile tab above.

delete google search history
Then click on the option to delete the last 15 minutes of search history, and you can check the duration of automatic deletion by clicking on the search history.

iPhone and new privacy updates
Apple is working hard to improve the privacy of its users, and this has caused legal and media confrontations with giant companies like Facebook.

Since the iOS 14 update, Apple has launched new features that promote privacy and tell users what data is being collected about them.

The system forced apps to request access to access location and phone history each time they attempted access.

Apple will not allow companies to collect information via email by masking their addresses and browsing data.

Apple launches a new subscription called icloud + that offers more advanced privacy options like Apple’s VPN app.

This application hides your location and computer address in addition to providing a fake email to protect you from nasty advertising campaigns.

But not all iCloud + features will work in all countries around the world, as some countries have refused to allow the feature to work within their borders.

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