Wednesday , December 8 2021

Four differences in Egypt since the last appearance in Cairo


The Egyptian al-Portsaidi team will meet at Petro Sport Stadium with his opponent Wadi Degla in the seventh round.

This is the first Egyptian game in six years in Cairo. The final match was held in Cairo in February 2012 in Cairo, Egypt.

There are some differences between Egyptians and Egyptians in 2012.

Board of Directors

In 2012, the club's board is owned by businessman Kamel Abu Ali and currently headed by Samir Halabiya.

Technical equipment

The last game of the Egyptians in Cairo was Hossam. Hassan was Technical Director of Port Said. Today the game against Tigris is managed by Mimi Abdul Razek after leaving the twin to train the pyramid team.

Team Composition

Over the last six years, the formation of the Egypt-Portsaid team has changed and the management has changed and updated the team's list after the season. Considering the list of the 2012 season and the current roster, we will not find players on both lists.

Adult competition

The 2012 Egyptian team, like the rest of the team at the league table, has become one of the main teams now, becoming an African title competitor and reaching out before the end of the league in addition to team spirit and ability. Adult competition.

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