Monday , January 24 2022

Does the misleading propaganda in social media affect the development process in the Arab countries?


Social networking sites still pose a danger to society, despite the importance of training people to debate collectively, accept differences and listen to different opinions when used in a positive way, but what happens is that it has become full with misleading content, slander and libel, in light of the use by parties that inflict the most damage on both Egyptian and Arab society. Add an ad

Dr. Muhammad Abd al-Sattar, author and researcher, said he found it difficult to erase the harm done by social media, or to prosecute cybercriminals, and pointed out that the judicial systems in many countries seem inconsistent compared to applications and usage provided by these networks.

He added that the digital identity of users is often a false identity which gives cybercrime a greater chance of misinformation, slander, libel and fraud, as noble users have become for useful purposes such as human communication, news exchange, information , remove ideas, education, entertainment and commerce about what might be called the deviation of the message through these networks; This leaves major consequences on the medium.

He explained that users of social media do not respect the rules of behavior because the internet and all the applications that enable a society have produced media, information, knowledge, human intelligence and moral reason, but just as in a real society others must be respected.

He continued: When Twitter, Facebook and other companies felt the danger of Trump’s statements about American society, democratically and socially, they deliberately blocked them, without considering it an infringement of freedom of expression, because it is natural that freedom when it leads to destruction becomes not freedom but something else.

He added: What once happened in the United States happens hundreds of times a day in other countries, because people, individuals, symptoms, cultures and religions are focused on false identities, and the judiciary is incapable of any of ‘ to prosecute the accused.

He concluded: Businesses need to avoid the destructive message because it is a reason to destroy the medium in the future.

As for Zaid Al-Nabulsi, author and researcher, he is of the opinion that the Arab peoples need light years to understand the meanings of true and unchanging independence, true national sovereignty and the national pride of the state, which you will allow you to respect yourself first before respecting others, thus eliminating communication sites from all real benefits.

The researcher pointed out that awareness of the meanings of those values ​​you engage in can not only produce the deterrent power locally with the money, thoughts and arms of your country and self-sufficiency to protect yourself and maintain your dignity. , but also those who make you feel that you have in the first place your independent decision to stand firm and to stand firm and confident in order to refuse domination and plunder. Humiliation, not all trading on social media

He continued: We miss the dignity preserved by violence in this sad East, is not it time for you to wake up, O Arabs?

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