Friday , October 22 2021

Collateral agreement between real estate funds deserves Kuwaiti interest in living brand economy


The agreement was signed by the Kuwait Federation of Real Estate Brokers and the Association for Real Estate Brokers and Consultants in Lebanon. The agreement was signed by the President of the Federation, Abdul Mohsin Al-Sharhan, and the Lebanese side by the president of Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Advisors Walid Musa.

Moussa says the importance of this agreement, the Kuwaiti and Gulf importance in Lebanon's realistic market is reflected in the fact that Kuwaitis "have a prominent presence in Lebanon", They are "historically and still the first owners in Lebanon, this agreement helps to clear all Kuwaiti brothers who want to have Lebanon so they have all the data they have to help them to achieve the best investment. "

"The realistic property in Lebanon has been protected and affirmed," he said, "that" Kuwaitis "had ever had Lebanon before the war in Lebanon, reverting its agency in 1990," in this context to & # 39; side of & # 39; Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to tackle the problem of the Kuwaitit living-tourist in Baalbeck – Ain Borzai.

The agreement ensures the exchange of information between the parties in cooperation with the investor, the developer and the realization maker, and the organization of training courses of courses, workers and exchanging training experiences. The two parties will co-operate in & # 39; making the real estate agents a success in Kuwait or Lebanon.

The agreement also includes "open workshops to identify the consumer, lead and promote the mechanisms used to purchase the Lebanese market to explain the laws and allowances and to explain the required documents. "

The agreement contains the issuance of a list of related professions in the use of realizations and their status in the interests of & # 39; and people who are interested in investing, including the names of companies and specialists after their work of transparency and their commitment to the Code of Honor established by the Union of Lebanon Consultants, and others.

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